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In Weekly Best Brand Identity Design we Showcasing top 6 Brand Designer, Identity Designer every week.

This compilation includes style guides, brand identity, animated logos and similar works related to brand identity design.

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Nature’s Bloom By Hue Studio

Nature’s Bloom offers natural care, pediatric massage consultation and therapy, as well as a wide range of essential oils that helps in self-healing. The company believes that everyone of us has the ability to bloom naturally. The brand direction and logo mark are inspired by that belief, radiating nourishing and natural nuances.

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PIÙ By We are hugmu , Joanna Ziemowska , Dot Studio , Maria Milenko , Boafff

PIÙ is a place combining hair, makeup, and styling salon. The project is inspired by a combination of the industrial style of craft workshops and pharmacy/drugstore from the beginning of the century . matcha-tea color.

Best Brand Identity Designs


Alathena Font Family By Studio Sun , Cahya Sofyan

Alathena Font Family was inspired by the france art decade between art nouveau to art deco, comes with 2 style, Alternative swash and Modern deco, with some modified ligatures. Available with 6 Weights, Thin, Extra Light, Light, Regular, Bold, Extra Bold with support 75+ language (Latin Pro).

Best Brand Identity Designs


Design Logo Collection By Felix Baky

Logo & Brand Identity Portfolio

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Gran Fira de València By Yinsen

Graphic campaign for the Gran Fira of Valencia in its 125 Anniversary of the Battle of flowers. It is also known as the July fair tand it closes with a popular battle where carriages get decorated by hand with flowers.

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Clayton Vance Architecture Branding By Kevin Cantrell

Inspired by roman mosaic tiles and pools, Clayton Vance Architecture incorporates classic proportions and principles applied with a modern sensibility. KCS created a comprehensive brand identity system applied across multiple brand touch points.

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pidan Visual Identity By Nod Young

The brand reconstruction of pidan, one of the fastest growing and most influential local pet product brands in recent years, needs to endow “pets” with a brand-new understanding and definition through design.


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