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Last Updated on February 2, 2020 by Farnaz

In Weekly Best Brand Identity Design we Showcasing top 6 Brand Designer, Identity Designer every week.

This compilation includes style guides, brand identity, animated logos and similar works related to brand identity design.

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1.KUYAY · Cacao Lovers By Fibra · Estudio , Luana Cieza , Pancho Muñante , Andrea Gálvez

Kuyay is a brand of organic chocolates that is characterized by focusing on research on cocoa and its properties. The brand has specialized plantations where it is researched and genetically experimented with hundreds of cacao strains that they use to make their products. The name of the brand means love in Quechua (Native Peruvian language), since what drives Kuyay to continue researching and innovating in the cocoa industry is they love for chocolate.



2.Capeesh Cucina Italiana Lounge Sky bar Branding By Mustafa Akülker , Marka Network , Firat Ayas

Boasting a huge dining area with high ceilings and classic furniture, our restaurant in Canary Wharf really is a flexible setting for a night of fun, a relaxed dinner or a romantic cocktail for two. Complimented by exceptional Italian food, great cocktails, luscious wine and and fresh coffee. It’s really no surprise why as to why Capeesh Italian is becoming a local (and further afield!) favourite restaurant in Canary Wharf.

Branding,Packaging,Art Direction


3.Museum of Humanity By Ozan Karakoc

Brand identity, key art and brochure design for the Museum of Humanity Los Angeles (MOHLA).

Branding,Graphic Design,Print Design


4.Clove By the branding people

Clove is a modern eatery based in Abu Dhabi. Its mission is to offer customers a piece of home, regardless of their diet. In other words, Clove allows busy people to take a break from everyday chaos by enjoying nourishing meals with a homemade touch in a cozy environment. tbpmx created a project that involves a fresh, yet warm design that seeks to communicate a homestyle atmosphere inspired in Abu Dhabi’s landscape. This brand uses classic typefaces and friendly icons thought out to guide customers in identifying what suits their diet best. Simultaneously, it communicates a non-pretentious, yet elegant and modern feel. Give your body exactly what it needs: real food that’ll comfort your soul. — Eat well, just like home.

Art Direction,Branding,Graphic Design


5.Mimigram identity By Veronika Levitskaya , Daria Malysheva

Logo, package design and design for mobile printing app from Russia, where everyone can turn their best moments into awesome products, such as photos, photo albums, photo collages etc. and get them in modern packages. Millennial women are a prime target audience, that’s why we chose fun and modern Memphis style. The main goal was to make low-cost production with beautiful package design, for that we used basic crafting post boxes and designed them in main style.

Graphic Design,Packaging,Web Design


6.BRANDING • Santa Helena Estate By BIS Studio Graphique , Hugues Carrere , Lilian Chevallier , Philipp Aaron Thelen

Santa Helena’s Estate is a vineyard founded more than 30 years ago, on May 1, 1984 and located in the heart of the Napa Valley in California. Over the years, the winery has made their heritage become a unique experience for its customers. For more than three decades, their specialty has been working their father’s land to extract the best essences and create quality products. Today, Santa Helena’s activities go beyond the simple production of wine, as the winery expands by offering an immersive experience. …

Branding,Graphic Design,Web Design

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