Best Brand Identity Designs of the week 41

Best Brand Identity Designs : In Weekly Best Brand Identity Design we Showcasing top 6 Brand Designer, Identity Designer every week.

This compilation includes style guides, brand identity, animated logos and similar works related to brand identity design.

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1. Brandfolio vol. 01 By David Silva

A selection of 14 visual identity designed by Estúdio Kuumba between 2018-2019

Branding,Graphic Design


2.Eurobail, investment firm – Brand Design By Graphéine

Design of Eurobail’s visual identity Graphéine worked on the creation of Eurobail’s new visual identity design. Eurobail is a real estate investor with an expertise in the management and leasing of commercial spaces. It is a family enterprise headed by Chuck Hoang and Nicolas Hoang. Founded in 1972, the company never had a visual identity before. And for good reason: Earlier, Eurobail never needed to communicate to the general public. However in today’s rapidly evolving real estate sector, brand image has become the key differentiator in the larger competitive landscape. To stay relevant in this context, Eurobail felt the need to consolidate its brand image through a strong visual identity. To respond to this need, we provided the brand with a logotype and brand identity guidelines. The objective was to develop Eurobail’s brand story: the values it embodies, the personalities who run it. 

Branding,Graphic Design,Art Direction


3.Hubu ® – Brand Identity By Saul Osuna , Samuel Samuel

There is power in togetherness. This was our philosophy for this project, which was to create a complete visual identity from scratch. We set on the name Hubu as the starting point; a compound of ‘hub’ (the effective center of a network) and ‘ubuntu’ (a South African ideology meaning “I am because we are”).  Saul Osuna (graphic designer and art director). Samuel T. Scofy (project manager, creative director and editor). Samantha Ripley (copywriter).

Graphic Design,Branding,Typography


4.P.Y.E Optics Identity 2.1 By Lesha Galkin , Olia Marchenko

Here are the highlights of the P.Y.E Optics identity from 2019. Business cards, client cards, microfiber cloths, bags, etc. A big step for us was to design P.Y.E Optic’s online store. Happy to be a part of the amazing P.Y.E family, who always encourages us to do whatever we want to do in design.

Graphic Design,Branding Inspiration


5.ON!Fest RE branding By Stefan Chinoff

ESL Gaming festival rebrand + guidebook, font, dynamic identities, shapes, colours and more ..

Branding,Graphic Design,Typography


6.Logos & Marks By Logaze

Branding,Illustration,Graphic Design


7.Polza By PG Brand Reforming

Brandong ,Packaging,Graphic Design,Illustration