Best Brand Identity Designs of the week 42

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This compilation includes style guides, brand identity, animated logos and similar works related to brand identity design.

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1. Coapofloss Neapolitan By Anagrama Studio

The Client : Cocofloss is a Californian company transforming the use of dental floss through a fun and pleasant experience for everyone.

The Objective :Design the Cocofloss packaging line for their three new flavors, giving them a fun and friendly visual language.

The Solution :Our design is inspired on the yesteryear Neapolitan ice cream packaging. The concept maintains the same typographical lines and visual components that link us with that time, triggering a nostalgic feeling.

The holographic finish yields a modern touch to the design, while retaining the brand essence.

Branding,Graphic Design,Illustration

2.Melissa Coppel By Zoo Studio , Gisela Solé , Xavier Castells Vilà

Melissa Coppel is one of the chocolate chefs with most international recognition in the fields of patisserie and chocolate. In 2016, she opened a school in Las Vegas, and she asked us to create the design of her brand, the packaging, and the web where she will sell her creations.​​​​​​​

Branding,Graphic Design,Packaging

3.Spatial Studio By Ryan Romanes Studio

Brand identity and website for Auckland-based interior design firm, Spatial Studio. We worked with the founder Kristen Basra to refresh Spatial Studio’s identity and design a custom website to reflect her business in 2020. The new identity puts Spatial Studio’s precision-led approach at front of mind with a contemporary logotype emanating structured beauty. The brand flows effortlessly through the new custom site where a play on space sees the studio’s body of work float amongst a palette of complimentary natural hues and elegant typography.​​​​​​​Branding & Digital Design: Ryan Romanes Studio Website Development: Studio Six Portfolio Renders: Paul Milinski

Branding,Web Design

4.Music and Arts Festival – Identity Concept By Broklin Onjei , Creative Invention

This year event inspired us to create a fun concept Identity for the upcoming event in 2020. Expanding our creative thought seeing something new and different in 2020, we used abstract contemporary modern geometric shapes with trendy and fashion colours to reach the audience.

Art Direction,Branding,Graphic Design

5.salt By Aleksandra Iakimchuk

salt is a fictional restaurant located in the heart of New York. My goal was to create a modern and unique identity for the restaurant. The restaurant specializes in seafood and is a relaxing and modern restaurant in a medium price range.
And as usual, I wanted to create something minimalistic and simple, something that is easy to recognize and that sticks in one’s memory.

Graphic Design,Packaging,Branding

6.Character design & illustration By Shaivalini Kumar , Supernova Design

Character design and illustration done during the past year

Illustration,Graphic Design,Art Direction