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Best Brand Identity Designs : In Weekly Best Brand Identity Design we Showcasing top 6 Brand Designer, Identity Designer every week.

This compilation includes style guides, brand identity, animated logos and similar works related to brand identity design.

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1. By Wade Jeffree , Leta Sobierajski

Säpp is an all-natural birch water harvested from the forests of Vermont and upstate New York. We built a layered design system filled to the brim with colour and pattern that allows Säpp to create content that would allow them to thrive in the crowded beverage market. The design sensibility is rooted in the forest and emulates the flow of the rivers and streams that run through it. It is flowing, rich, ever-moving forward, never stagnant, and always pure. Our approach was about clearly capturing who they were and their ambitions moving forward as a sustainable brand.

Branding,Packaging,Graphic Design

2. By Puskás Marcell


3. Atlis Identity By Marc Anderson

How we partnered with Atlis to design a friendly, inclusive community for recommendations from the ground up.

Branding,Art Direction,Graphic Design


Branding,UI/UX,Web Design

5. SBC By Valeria Repina , Repina Branding , Polina Zagumenova

SBC Technologies – identity for fintech-company

Branding,Art Direction,Graphic Design

6. Urban Socks // Brand Identity By Gianluca Santoro

Tells the stories of youthful, creative and open-minded souls, such as street artist, musicians, creatives and in general people who want to stand out themselves from the crowd. Their product lives in the intersection of design and science, so they love to collaborate with illustrators, designers and engineers who share the same vision.

Branding,Graphic Design,Print Design

7. TIKI By Hyungyu Jang , Dorothy Seong , Da hye Kim , Unbi Goh , NAMJU KIM , jong seung KIM

Since people live through their own individual time it is difficult to define what ‘time’ exactly is and is almost impossible to find any touchpoint with others nowadays in ever-chainging time. So we are proposing Tiki, a product that can help people to be aware of each other’s schedule and make easier appointments with people around us. When Taka(Time Card)is printed out from the Tiki(the Printer), you can let people know about your time and information. We propose a new culture of sharing time, respecting each other’s personal schedule through the action of exchanging time cards.

Industrial Design,Interaction Design,Branding


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