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Best Brand Identity Designs : In Weekly Best Brand Identity Design we Showcasing top 6 Brand Designer, Identity Designer every week.

This compilation includes style guides, brand identity, animated logos and similar works related to brand identity design.

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Tero By Firmalt Agency

Tero is an on-the-go coffee shop inspired by the distinctive neighborhoods in Mexico City. Busy cities have busy people, and busy people love starting their day with a great cup of coffee. But if you’re busy, you don’t have time to be looking around for a coffee shop and even less time to be standing in a line that just won’t move. Tero has a coffee shop in every neighborhood in the city so you can get your coffee on your commute to work, your way home or on a Sunday stroll. Find Tero, get your coffee and keep going. No lines, no hassle, always great coffee. 

Branding,Graphic Design,Web Design

Confetti By Emblema Design Studio

Branding for Confetti in Monterrey, México.

Art Direction,Branding,Graphic Design

Menu Motto restaurant By Artur Busz

Naming and brand identity for Menu Motto – restaurant & cocktail bar located in Wrocław, Poland. Menu Motto impresses with modern Polish cuisine.

Branding inspiration

Natural Cidre Packaging Design & Photography By Wedge Studio


Brand Identity Swisstudent By  Nadya Konovalova , Bedarev Alexandr

Branding,Graphic Design,Art Direction

Calendar By Dmitriy Vershinin , Crazy Broccoli , Anton Abramovich

Last year we made a calendar that looked into the distant future. In this year we returned to the present and composed a to-do-list to reach it faster. We created a challenge for each month. Something simple (buy a plant), something more complicated (learn to ski or snowboard). But all of them will make the participants a little better, teach them new things. We also provided a competitive mechanics — the one who will perform all the tasks better than the others will receive a prize at the end of the year. 


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