Daily Dose of Design Inspiration

Daily Dose of Design Inspiration : For this Daily we are selecting in digital art, graphic design, photography, illustration and more; our sources are usually from BehanceDribbble or Unsplash.

it’s an opportunity to feature work from other designers, artists, and creators in general that we haven’t had the chance to write or featured.

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Virus Busters By Felix Hernandez

In the times of the corona virus, a non logical trend

Photography,Crafts,Digital Art

Indoor Adventure. The sense of liberty can be found outdoors but also indoors. Shot at the studio using a 1/8 scale model. Project sponsored by BMW Motorrad Mexico.

Photography,Crafts,Digital ArtPhotography,Crafts,Digital Art

By Carolina Grosa

By VA Lokos , Blink Audio

A series of short animations

Digital ArtDigital Art

FRESH/SWAG By Dani Blázquez , Muokkaa Studio

A fresh collab with the amazing 3D illustrator Muokkaa Studio. Two different artworks based on two of the most iconic TV characters from the 90s, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Steve Urkel, from Family Matters.

Graphic Design,Illustration,Digital ArtGraphic Design,Illustration,Digital Art

Jukebox – Stay Home By Leo Natsume

Against Covid-19. —  Client: Jukebox, Canada.  Art direction: Leo Natsume  Illustrations 2d and 3d: Leo Natsume  I was invited by the Vancouver company Jukebox to develop an important campaign on the current topic that concerns everyone: the new coronavirus. For this, some stickers and also 3d illustrations were developed to highlight the care we must take to avoid being infected. Take care!

Art Direction,Illustration,Character DesignArt Direction,Illustration,Character DesignArt Direction,Illustration,Character DesignArt Direction,Illustration,Character Design

Personal work 2020 By Gabriel Gomez

Animation,Art Direction,IllustrationAnimation,Art Direction,IllustrationAnimation,Art Direction,IllustrationAnimation,Art Direction,IllustrationAnimation,Art Direction,IllustrationAnimation,Art Direction,Illustration