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Black and white interior By MOSSEBO STUDIO

Studio apartment 25 m² in Krasnodar

Here is a new project from Mossebo. This time in Krasnodar, in the residential complex “Above”. Studio 24.66 m² is located on the 7th floor of 19. Project customers purchased an apartment for Catherine’s daughter. The girl is engaged in the creation of dresses, and she already has her own showroom. To design her new apartment, she chose the classic combination of black and white. This duet looks noble in the interior and always speaks of the good taste of the owner of the apartment.

Architecture,Interior Design,PhotographyArchitecture,Interior Design,PhotographyArchitecture,Interior Design,PhotographyArchitecture,Interior Design,Photography

Apartment 65 m2 in eclectic style

We were approached by a young family without children. Her husband is a graduate of the Academy of Arts, crazy about the art of the Renaissance, loves stucco decoration, classicism, paintings of the Renaissance and the corresponding atmosphere. Wife prefers modern functionalism, and the pretentiousness of the past seems to her unnecessary. The new Mossebo studio project was a compromise between two opposing opinions.

living roomliving roombead roombead room

Loft interior design By Artem Bukin

Loft interior design in moscow apartment.

Interior DesignInterior DesignInterior Designbead roomdecorative

Dreamy Stair By Nada Shehab

Dreamy Modern Stair


Small Majles

Small modern majles

decor homedecor home

Master Bedroom

Neo classic Master Bedroom

bead roombead roomArchitectureArchitectureArchitecture,Interior Design,Furniture DesignArchitecture,Interior Design,Furniture DesignArchitecture,Interior Design,Furniture Design

Green Apartments By Denis Fomin , 22 Interior Studio

Design and visualization of house in St. Petersburg

Architecture,Interior Design,Furniture DesignFurniture DesignFurniture Design

Digest interior design By Denis Fomin

Furniture DesignFurniture DesignInterior Design

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