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Outstanding Industrial Designs In Weekly Outstanding Industrial Designs we Showcasing top 7 Industrial Designer/Product Designer every week. we pick this set of weekly inspiration from Behance.

Take a look at our last week Outstanding Industrial Designs here.

Dex Book – concept By Kwanjun Ryu , Jaejin Bong

Dex book allows to enlarge experience of your Mobile phone.

Industrial Design,UI/UX,Interaction Design



A PDA designed for women By 陈 师华

Industrial Design


S E C O N D A R Y A R E A By HeeJoo Han , kyung seob Yang , sujin song , Fountain Studio

Clamp is a tool that strengtens or supports an object firmly. And that was the only function of the tool. We wanted to escape the stereotype of the tool to change it into a interior product.

Industrial Design,Graphic Design


By BK Hwang , suin lim , 홍 지호

“dinos” boasting a cute figure with a brightly rounded curve is an electric brush with the motif of the ancient dinosaur ,Brachiosaurus. The existing electric brush has a slightly mechanic design and feels a little resistant to purchase. So we designed an electric brush that can be accessed without resistance by anyone, old young and man and women. “dinos” has a design value in one product, you can see the result of the interior no matter where you place it. It also makes you feel to collectvariety of colors in a collection, making it more attractive when two or more are collected and then placed.

Industrial Design,Product Design,Graphic Design


Lapis Keyboard By Tim Zarki

Lapis is a low profile mechanical keyboard design inspired by fashion and eye wear materials.

Industrial Design,Art Direction


By Haoyu Fang

Industrial Design,Painting,Automotive Design


not products shots By Gonzalo Miranda

Compilation of product shots I´ve made for practice, some of them are part of Render Weekly

Industrial Design,Art Direction,Illustration

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