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Outstanding Industrial Designs In Weekly Outstanding Industrial Designs we Showcasing top 7 Industrial Designer/Product Designer every week. we pick this set of weekly inspiration from Behance.

Take a look at our last week Outstanding Industrial Designs here.

Industrial Design Portfolio By Sid Bhiwandkar

Industrial Product Design student, currently looking for a 6-8 month internship. Here is my Portfolio for the year 2017 showcasing my best work so far.

Industrial Design,Product Design,Interaction Design


Model F – concept By Kwanjun Ryu

WHILL is a company that based in Japan and United States, demonstrates new innovations in electric wheelchairs. Based on the advantages of Model A and C, I designed a new concept model F. Model A is stylish and the first omni wheels applied product, model C is a portable model that can be separated into three parts. Model F, a concept model based on these products, can folded completely and also suggests new stylish exterior for electric wheelchair.

Industrial Design,UI/UX,Graphic Design


DESIGN DE PRODUTO | BRANDING By Valkiria Creative , Gustavo Billo , Matheus Pinto , Moises Hansen

Product Design,Branding,Industrial Design


DOZE By Euikyun Koh , Steve LEE

“DOZE” is not only a wireless Smart-phone charger but also an App. Through the app, ‘Sleep-Mode’ you can access ‘call, message and alarm functions’. The home screen shows you only the information that is necessary, so you don’t have to explore around to find the function that you need.

Branding,Industrial Design,Product Design


By A_ZERO_ONE Official , Soonmin Kwon

Industrial Design


Amphi By N Y U N

The first idea was the application of chinese culture in a home appliance. There was this round pan called ‘wok’ which is used in chinese cooking. due to the round shape, woks are impossible to use on inductions. This is the background on this wok compatible induction design.

Industrial Design,Product Design,Retouching


Hue Inhaler By Tim Zarki

Hue is a multi dose inhaler concept that makes a bold statement instead of being a source of self-consciousness. It was created for the Creative Session #breathebetterwithcs community design challenge.

Outstanding Industrial Designs

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