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Last Updated on May 14, 2019 by Farnaz

In Weekly Outstanding Industrial Designs we Showcasing top 7 Industrial Designer/Product Designer every week. we pick this set of weekly inspiration from Behance.

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 by Jaekyu Jung , Weekend-works

Pretzel, earbuds

It’s a Bluetooth earbud that motivated from “pretzel” sneak. The current earphone accessory market is filled with new technology and simple foams. The technology is improved hugely so components size is smaller and simpler. Most of the designers trying to make earbud look simple but make the difference than other products in the market. In response, I tried to design not just something look different but functional. Missing one pair of the earbud is so painful and pricey to replace.

The adjustable loop will protect your earbuds against from lose.


by Valkiria Creative Intelligence , Moises Hansen , Moises Hansen

Smart is design concept of a jerry can for transportation of fuels designed mainly for professional use. The product aims to assist people using motorized tools such as brush cutters, chainsaws, blowers, etc. which run on gasoline and 2 stroke oil, to fill them in a comfortable, safe and precise manner, without the need for other accessories. The product design also provides better exposure at point of sale and facilitates its logistics.


by Marko Matovic , Nina Barberic

The remote control that charges, back up and finds your phone at the press of a button.
Daily we are issuing couple of things that are common to everyone, doesn’t matter of the job we are doing or the daily routine we are used to.
Where are my keys? Where is my phone? Battery running out! Luck of memory space!
We aimed to design a product that RESQU from all of this situation by only click.


by il kim

one rice cooker
electric rice cooker
As humans live, clothes, food, and life do not change. Among them, food plays the most important role in human beings. Rice cooker is the most basic product that makes the culture to eat. in the past, It was used for cooking rice. Now, it has been developed to facilitate many dishes. However, now with an increase in single-person households, the market for rice cookers has dramatically decreased. Because traditional rice cooker has only 4 or 5 persons. So, a single-person household does not use rice cookers because it has more food to throw away than food to eat. And they are responding to eating habits with unhealthy frozen foods rather than rice. So at a time the number of single-person households is growing rapidly around the world, a One meal cooker  is proposed to provide the health of one-person households rather than frozen foods. The design reinterpreted the traditional food culture into a rice cooker for single-person households. One meal cooker is designed to help people who live alone experience healthy eating.


by DESIGN BY CARREFOUR , Valentin Dequidt , Gabriella Fedrigo

It’s time to enjoy beautiful summer evenings and enchant the sweet nights of the season. Beyond furniture, Hyba continues to invest in the overall design of the garden; this time with Barbecue. The barbecue is within the spirit of the brand: practical, aesthetic and colorful. It has been designed with a double objective: quality of the construction and the purity of its lines. It will allow you to sip a fresh fruit juice on the terrace and enjoy a good and sunny barbecue.


by Mehmet Mehmetalioglu

by Knack Design Studio


by Yeong seok Go

 The appearance of the product makes it easy to explain its functionality.
Steam-emitting products are simply appearance, but they are purely functional.
Product interface.
 The product’s interface consists of only essential features.
It consists of power functions, water remaining alerts, and time reservation function.


by Masquespacio DesignIndustrial


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