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Outstanding Industrial Designs In Weekly Outstanding Industrial Designs we Showcasing top 7 Industrial Designer/Product Designer every week. we pick this set of weekly inspiration from Behance.

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CANVAS By Jeonghyun Ahn

Paintings by all artists start with a canvas of pure white before beautiful paintings are painted. Whether it’s surrealism, realism, or abstraction, all the paintings are drawn on canvas. Inspired by this, I designed a canvas-like speaker that could draw any genre of music.

Industrial Design,Product Design,Interaction Design

Oyster By Louis Berger

Oyster is a packaging concept for personal electronic devices. Whenever new innovative technologies come along, we could use all the resources from existing old hardware to manufacture something new, instead of sourcing vast quantities of new materials for the latest product generation. The packaging is designed to be used as a reusable shipping container and as a retail box. Its goal is to make the process of returning your old hardware easier and more delightful. Most of our electronic devices never return to their maker. A product like Oyster could help to close the gaps between use, distribution & recycling.

Industrial Design,UI/UX,Interaction Design

Drawsher – Washing machine with dehumidifier By kikang kim

Leaving clothes alone before laundry for a long time is not good for your living environments. It results in bad smell and mold which can cause malfunction of the washing machine. It is not good for hygiene due to mites. ‘DRAWSHER’ is a sanitary washing machine designed based on a dresser. It is a combination of a laundry basket and washing machine to allow maximum use of space.

Industrial Design,Furniture Design,Product Design

PEEL By wenjie zheng

The product is to solve the problem that users  forget to bring the power cord when they go out. 
So we integrate a variety of charging functions into a power supply product, and make the product more beautiful and portable 
through the ingenious appearance features and rewinding design.

Industrial Design,Product Design,Engineering

Garmin Fenix 6X By Michael Soleo

The fēnix 6 Series is the face of adventure. The next generation of ultimate outdoor GPS smartwatches is here. Built on the exploits of athletes and adventurers, the fēnix 6 Series is for those who push past limits and redefine expectations. Available in a range of sizes, finishes and premium feature levels, these rugged, tech-rich wearables are built to take on any challenge and to fit any active lifestyle — with enhanced wrist heart rate, Pulse Ox, outdoor navigation sensors, built-in activity profiles, performance metrics, contactless payments, smart notifications and more. They are available with a 1.2″, 1.3″ (1% larger than previous fēnix models) or 1.4″ (36% larger than previous fēnix models) sunlight-readable, always-on display. The new fēnix 6X Pro Solar edition also includes Power Glass™ for solar charging. 

Outstanding Industrial Designs

Rebuild : ratio By Studio OKL , Lee Hyo min , Wankeun Oh

‘Rebuild: ratio’ is an espresso machine with professional feel and usability. Those who want to create their own home cafe want to experience the process from grinding to organizing like a professional. However, professional coffee machines are not only functional but also have products for each process. We wanted to design an espresso machine that would make the actual process of making coffee easy and give it a professional look. Designed based on the above needs, ‘Rebuild: ratio’ is an espresso machine that has the appearance to produce professional feeling and can solve both needs at the same time by using the product and efficient movement.

Industrial Design,Product Design

Pair By Jake (Jongha) Lee , Scott Yeom

Pair is a 2-in-1 product consisting of an orange charger module and two identical wireless charging battery modules. Each battery module can be charged simultaneously when magnetically connected to the orange charger.

Industrial Design,Product Design,Packaging

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