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Outstanding Industrial Designs 44

Outstanding Industrial Designs In Weekly Outstanding Industrial Designs we Showcasing top 7 Industrial Designer/Product Designer every week. we pick this set of weekly inspiration from Behance.

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Sit-To-Step High Chair By Scott Wilson ,Matt Puhalla , Jillian Tackaberry , Kyle Buzzard

Merging design with functionality, the Sit-to-Step High Chair was designed to fit into the environment of the home without compromising on useful features like reclining, and folding for storage.

Industrial Design,Furniture Design

Steam Iron Concept By Kenji Kimura

The SW-01 cordless steam iron is a passion project/design study that was inspired by two things; my disdain for my bulky heavy steam iron, and an opportunity to challenge myself and learn some new things. 
I thought about the different features I would like in an iron if I designed my own. These features were to reduce the size, make it cordless, and make it easier to refill.

Industrial Design,Product Design,Photography

JMGO-G7S-Smart Home Theater By Li Xundi , Dillon Ho , Daniel Abraham , Zor Ni , Gang Gang

objet dryer By Gunwoong Kim


Industrial Design,UI/UX,Product Design

Orbis / Video analytics camera By Maria Shcherbakova , Tanya Averkova , Lisa Snezhinskaya ,Anastasiya Chekurova

ORBIS is a compact video analytics camera for stores. The design of the device lets customers put it on the shelf or on the wall. The front side is composed of a camera, power button, small LED and changeable panel…

Industrial Design

NIKE / skin care LED mask By PDF HAUS ,Min Chang KIM

Industrial Design,Product Design

Air hole By Lee Hyo min

Industrial Design,Product Design

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