Outstanding Industrial Designs 5

In Weekly Outstanding Industrial Designs we Showcasing top 7 Industrial Designer/Product Designer every week. we pick this set of weekly inspiration from Behance.

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 by Joyce Kang

Pod Case
Designed in Caseology.
Contact: [email protected]
Created by Yeonsoo Kang
ⓒ2018 Caseology. All rights reserved. Patent pending
Revive the past to your Apple Watch Series 4
Inspired by Apple’s iPod, Caseology introduces a new concept of Apple Watch case.
iPod design is coming to Apple Watch case and provides an innovative user experience.

by Nicholas Baker

Wait Weight
part kitchen timer, part paperweight
The original idea for the Wait Weight came about during my weekly sketch livestream called Late Nite Nick. I was sketching on ideas for the 2019 Sound and Vision exhibition by American Design Club . The prompt was to create an object that made sound. I started to brainstorm around alarms and thought that the classic kitchen timer was due for a redesign. After interacting with a live audience, I started to play around with different materials the timer could be. I thought concrete would be an interesting juxtaposition from the norm as well as add a bit of extra functionality being a heavy object.
The Wait Weight is part weight, part timer. It can be used to prop open a door, time a pie baking in the oven, or can be set atop a phone to keep you on task. The handle is used to pick up the weight and also functions as the time selector. Each face counts ten minute increments, and every edge is an additional five.


In our increasingly complex and connected world, medical devices are part of an ecosystem that includes numerous touchpoints, such as packaging, instructions for use (IFU), digital services and smartphone apps. Each of these touchpoints can have a significant impact on a patient’s experience and their perception of a treatment.​​​​​​​
Unfortunately, many medical products are designed by disconnected development teams with little or no concern for the overall patient experience.
Symptoms of disconnected, disparate design can be seen in inconsistent aesthetics, icons, colours, language, fonts and most worryingly, interaction cues. Accumulated evidence from testing products with users, indicates that a lack of harmony across product touchpoints leads to disjointed, confused and ultimately, poor patient experiences.
To demonstrate our approach, we developed a fictional drug brand, targeted at patients suffering with a chronic disease affecting their dexterity and quality of life. We then translated the brand into a design and user experience specification, to guide the development of a family of self-injection devices (a unit-dose syringe, mechanical and electro-mechanical autoinjector).
We spoke to patients to better understand their wants and needs, informing the brand promise, a statement which extols a higher-order emotional reward, creating a strong and meaningful connection with people.
The brand promise developed was ‘calmly delivering a healthy, more active lifestyle’. This aimed to relieve patients’ anxiety about self-injection but also to provide hope that the medication could improve their lifestyle.


by Alex Terol

This time I was inspired by graphic tablets ,where you can zoom in/out, scroll up/down and click. At the same time I found interesting to incorporate the clock gadget.
I invested a total of 10 hours from the concept ideation to the final renders.
My goal of this prompt is to improve my sketching ,3D modeling and rendering skills and reduce my time in the process.


by c www.h

Smart Screen Speaker


by Yungi Min , Yungi Min , SangHyeon Na , OFF GARAGE , ikhyeon kim

As technology has developed, many people have begun to use robotic vacuum cleaners, but cleaning them as perfectly as a person is not enough. Obstacles, stairs, under the desk legs still require human hands to be completely cleaned. Many people are cleaning up again after using the robot vacuum cleaner. That’s why many people have two vacuum cleaners at home.
Smarter and easier cleaning
The days of hard cleaning is over.
‘Lizard’ functions as a robotic vacuum cleaner without a tail connected, and can be used as a vacuum cleaner 
with stronger performance by attaching a tail.  Also, the display shows the space the robot vacuum cleaner did not clean, 
so you can clean the house in a short time and with less effort.


by yubin choi , myeonghoon lee

Handy vacuum cleaner