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Outstanding Industrial Designs 51

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Outstanding Industrial product Design inspiration In Weekly Outstanding Industrial Designs we Showcasing top 6 Industrial Designer/Product Designer every week. we pick this set of weekly inspiration from Behance.

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By dani_clode

From hand tools to cyborgs, humans have long been fascinated by the opportunities afforded by augmenting ourselves. studied how motor augmentation with an extra robotic thumb (the Third Thumb) impacts the biological hand representation in the brains of able-bodied people. Participants were tested on a variety of behavioural and neuroimaging tests designed to interrogate the augmented hand’s representation before and after 5-days of semi-intensive training. Training improved the Thumb’s motor control, dexterity and hand-robot coordination, even when cognitive load was increased or when vision was occluded, and resulted in increased sense of embodiment over the robotic Thumb. Thumb usage also weakened natural kinematic hand synergies. Importantly, brain decoding of the augmented hand’s motor representation demonstrated mild collapsing of the canonical hand structure following training, suggesting that motor augmentation may disrupt the biological hand representation. Together, our findings unveil critical neurocognitive considerations for designing human body augmentation.

industrial design

By Meysam movahedi

industrial design


By Min Chang Kim

industrial design

By sseongan, taek_leee, ieeing, taekkyung_lee

industrial design


BARAM By Meenwook Jang

‘Baram’ is a small air purifier design that contains a wish for a fresh breeze only for you.

Industrial Design inspiration


By Joe Slatter

Ear infections are difficult to diagnose, multiple studies including from the Centre for Disease Control show diagnostic error rates averaging 50%, this has led to antibiotic resistance in some cases.
Oto is an ear examination medical device with AI camera attachment. Allowing health care professionals to record and upload media onto electronic health records. Oto’s attachment has AI diagnostic support should the user need assistance in determining the results.

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Junts – almost one By Agota Rimsaite , Cristina Sanchez

The lighting “Junts” is a combination of the basic geometrical shapes – circular and rectangle. The integrated magnet lets you to play and create different compositions depend on the light you need. It could be used as a table or reading light, as well as a soft room light. The frame is made of metal which gives the stability so you can put the wooden circular wherever you want the light to be. “Junts” in Catalan means “together”, which is the main idea of this lighting – both of the shapes: circular and rectangle in this lighting don’t mean anything without one another. 

Industrial Design inspiration

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