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This article is part of the Weekly Inspiration from Gillde. We bring you interesting content by designers, artists and photographers from around the world who pursue their passion and create magnificent artwork. We want to share high-quality designs to inspire your days and weeks and help you in your creative process.

Take a look at our last week Packaging Design Inspiration

By Futura

Graphic Design,Branding, packaging


Chit Par Jewelry By Poe Lay Nyein , Poke

Chit Par is a jewelry brand that produces a wide selection of rings, necklaces, earrings and brooches with modern designs. Unlike most jewelry brands, Chit Par embraces the naturally occurring imperfections of the gemstones being used in their products. The name “Chit Par” is inspired from loving one’s imperfections and feeling empowered to be different. Wearing Chit Par Jewelry is more than having a fashionable accessory on you; it is to make a statement of celebrating a unique personal identity.



By Project M

Positioning Prima and designing its brand identity was a deep dive into the CBD wellness space and a true collaborative effort. Working closely with Honest Co. co-founder Christopher Gavigan, Laurel Myers, and Jessica Assaf, we supported this passionate team as they worked to bring their line of premium CBD products rooted in hemp, heart and, (finally) real science, to market.

Art Direction,Branding,Illustration , packaging


By Estudio Pum

Packaging,Graphic Design


Skin losophy — Oriental cosmetics By Minh Y Nguyen

Branding, packaging and art direction for skincare, cosmetic brand

packaging,Branding,Art Direction,Graphic Design


By Not Perfect Vilnius

packaging,Illustration,Graphic Design

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