Packaging Design Inspiration 21

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Taiwan Buckwheat Packaging Design By Howard Liu

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Design of the concept bars “Ol’light” By Nadia Kostrova

Packaging design bite

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O’CARE identity By Veronika Levitskaya , Daria Malysheva

Naming, logo and package design for a new cosmetic brand that specializes in alginate facial masks. O’care makes 20 types of colorful masks based on different Ingredients with young women as prime target audience. We used a classic serif font for logo and mixed it with simple, modern identity with simplified geometric icons symbolizing masks ingredients. We were going for design that can be easily discerned and understood to an everyday audience in a retail setting.

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CAJETA DE LA LIRA— a sweet migration tale By TORO PINTO

Cajeta is a classic Mexican candy made with smoked milk and sugar. Even though it is known throughout Mexico it is essential to the states of Guanajuato and Jalisco. Although now sold in plastic and glass jars, the artisan way of packaging it is in bent wood containers that give the cajeta a special flavour.

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Yeva Skincare By Meroo Seth , Nachiket Jadhav

Yeva was born from a desire to help women confront some of the most annoying personal care problems; razor bumps, ingrown hairs and scarring from shaving and waxing; acne-prone skin that negatively affect our self-esteem and insecurities;
YEVA which means “life” and life started around water. The brand is based in the Dominican Republic which is a Caribbean island with beautiful beaches, the sea, and green foliage. The packaging design is inspired by water and all the colors around the sea which is the foliage, sand, and sunset. The gold streaks add eloquence to the theme.

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Corote – Redesign ID By Gabriel Melo

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MIEL SAGRADA MAYA By Bienal Comunicación


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