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Packaging Design Inspiration : This article is part of the Weekly Inspiration from Gillde. We bring you interesting content by designers, artists and photographers from around the world who pursue their passion and create magnificent artwork. We want to share high-quality designs to inspire your days and weeks and help you in your creative process.

Take a look at our last week Packaging Design Inspiration

By studio moho

Branding,Graphic Design,Print Design

Original Coffee Roaster – Identity & Packaging By Guilherme Vissotto

The basic concepts for creating the visual identity were traditionality and elegance. The colors chosen refer to both coffee and a rustic environment. Dark blue contrasts with beige in a very harmonic way, emphasizing shades of brown. The symbol was built from the golden circles, adding even more to the aesthetics of the project. A drop of coffee, the letter “o” and a coat of arms form a strong and memorable symbol.

Branding,Graphic Design,Packaging

FUSE By Karla Heredia Martínez

Inspired by the simplicity of a coffee cherry and the cheerful that produces when we simply smell it. The graphics play with different forms representing movement and energy are abstract as the feeling we perceive individually when we are in contact with the coffee. 

Graphic Design,Branding,Packaging

Kind to Bee By Angelina Pischikova , Karina Zhukovskaya , Vasilisa Pаlianina

Kind to Bee is real honey gathered by hand in small batches by a family dedicated to ecological and humane beekeeping, with every ingredient ethically sourced. We celebrate the fragrant and abundant world of bees by creating a system that tells a unique story: the story of where each honey comes from and the journey of the bees who made it. Inspired by buzzing around the meadows, we created a series of unique illustrations to celebrate a variety of honeys and show the connection between bees and the natural world. A world of honey and flavour where summer never ends.

Graphic Design,Illustration,Packaging

Super nature packaging By Sandra Walderhaug , Barbro Helset

The slanted design element and the bag´s natural material spins out of the brand’s name which consists of two parts: Super and Nature. ´Super´ signalises energy and effect, and ´nature´ signalises clean, sustainable food from quality controlled sources. This translates visually to the contrast between the ‘super’ colours that are inspired by the raw ingredients and the natural paper encasement.

Graphic Design,Branding,Art Direction

Label Design For The Nuts & Honey Spread By Tatiana Rusalovskaya

Label design for Honey House, a leader on the market of packed honey in Russia. Nuts & Honey Spread is the new healthy and tasty product line contains five tastes: pine nut, peanut and almond, peanut, hazelnut and almond. The aim was to create a visual identity for the product line. To emphasize the natural flavours and distinguish the product line from a competitors I focused on colours, graphic arts and print solutions. For each of the different tastes, I created a unique pattern in a pastel colour palette natural for the respective species of nuts. Uncoated textured paper with a decent touch of varnish provides an inviting tactile experience, and the play of light on the golden foil awakes images of warm summer sunsets when it’s nice to have a cup of tea with sweets like this.

Packaging,Graphic Design,Art Direction

Haochi By Franca Studio

Haochi means delicious, but beyond the mere translation from Chinese, Haochi means healthy living. This is not just another granola, is a complete food that mixes two essential spectrums: flavor & wellness. Its artisan process blends naturally with its qualities: organic, without coloring nor preservatives, and 100% vegan. Keeping that in mind, we create the visual design taking its four flavors: coconut-almond, spicy nopal, matcha, and mango-curry as our main inspiration, and we blend them with another symbol: the sun. Our aim implied to represent energy in its most pure form and the beginning of any cycle. The dynamic palette is another reminder of the natural ingredients, the vitality, and well-being

Branding,Graphic Design,Packaging

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