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Packaging Design Inspiration : This article is part of the Weekly Inspiration from Gillde. We bring you interesting content by designers, artists and photographers from around the world who pursue their passion and create magnificent artwork. We want to share high-quality designs to inspire your days and weeks and help you in your creative process.

Take a look at our last week Packaging Design Inspiration

By Aleksandra Iakimchuk

Graphic Design,Packaging inspiration


By Balla Kristof

Branding,Graphic Design,Packaging


Coffee Bean Packaging – Sustainable Packaging Design By Anuvrat Dahiya

Sustainable packaging design and rebranding done for Seven Beans Coffee Company. The goal for this project is to support the Indian local artists by integrating different styles of the traditional Indian art form on the packaging. This will increase awareness and interest about the various art forms, as this coffee is exported too. This is a hypothetical classroom project.

Graphic Design,Packaging inspiration ,Illustration


Baby detergent packaging concept By Kate Zakharova , Pavel Gubin

Art Direction,Graphic Design,Packaging


By LOSQ Moscow

Packaging,Branding,Graphic DesignPackaging,Branding,Graphic Design


Creation CBD Packaging Design Concept By François Matus , Adam Goetz

Graphic Design,Packaging,Branding


Rockit Snacks By Karina Zhukovskaya , Violetta Kholodinskaya

Rockit is a snack brand, which is focused on producing popcorn like at a cinema. It is the only popcorn brand in Belarus that has it’s own exclusive production, developing themselves new original recipes and tastes.We were inspired by the story that popcorn is born during the Big Bang. Popcorn Rockit is unique. It appears when a rocket takes off.  To support brand name and develop the idea, we show each product in the line resembling space shapes in appearance: rocket blasts – for popcorn, planets – for corn balls and clouds – for cotton candy. All Rockit’s product range is ready to eat and carefully packed by hand, so we chose a transparent package to show the highest quality of the product and support the idea of the unpacked product.

packaging inspiration


Leben Brewing By T . E . G . Estudio , Leandro Gidoni , Emiliano Aranguren , Santiago Moscardi

Graphic design and identity for Leben Brewing Company´s beer cans.

Branding,Illustration,Packaging inspiration

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