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Last Updated on July 2, 2019 by Farnaz

Every week our team in gillde gather some Super Awesome Setups and Workspaces for designer and developers to get inspirations for your Setups.

Share your Setups with us on the Instagram @graphicroozane

Simple & Clean MacBook Workspace By Ben Stafford

Workspaces & Setups



Simple, Productive Workspace By Garrett Murray

Workspaces & SetupsWorkspaces & Setups



Colourful Vertical Monitor PC Workspace By DatLe

Workspaces & SetupsWorkspaces & SetupsWorkspaces & Setups



Clean & Minimal Surface Book Workspace By Intrepid_Cosmonaut

Workspaces & Setups




Simple & Clean Work Setup By Mark Jardine

Workspaces & SetupsWorkspaces & Setups



Clean, White Triple Monitor Workspace By StephenUI

Workspaces & SetupsWorkspaces & SetupsWorkspaces & SetupsWorkspaces & Setups


Farnaz is a passionate creative, exploring the world of notion, color palettes, fonts, graphics, presets and more. With a knack for design and a love for artistic expression, she shares her insights and resources to inspire and elevate your creative endeavors. Join her on a journey of color, style, and innovation!

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