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Last Updated on September 30, 2019 by Farnaz

Unexpected Object Combinations by Alon_Art


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The anonymous artist who is named « alon_art » on Instagram loves creating unexpected and ordinary combinations between different unrelated objects like yellow roses in cardboard for fries or an egg made of acrylic paint on color palette, for example.

«  I find inspiration in the little things every single day. I can go to the market and see some beautiful tomatoes on the stand or see a beautiful yellow roses bouquet In a flower shop and really get inspired by that. » he says.

With his artwork, this artist wants to make people look at things differently than they are through his creations. « It always makes me happy to know that people are see the humor behind my artwork and sometimes about my criticism of different subjects that engage us all. » he tells us. Successful bet !

via Fubiz


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