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140 Best Free Fonts for 2021, 140 great free fonts for you. Fonts are used to add an appeal to your design and to your brand in order to attract potential customers. For our ease, there are numerous fonts available to download for free on the internet. The ideal font will make reading easy when used for a paragraph, even when it is read from a certain distance. The words, characters, and the overall text must deliver the message that it wants to deliver. Furthermore, the right texture and color also plays a vital part when using a font.

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Table of Contents

1. Trento

We’ll start with a universal luxury, free font that highlights elegance and quality without disrupting the readability. The font is minimalistic and ideal for branding, especially for packaging design, greeting cards, wedding invitations, and magazines. It will also suit your social media posts in 2021 if you’re in the fashion industry.

Trento font

2. Forum

With antique classic Roman proportions, web-safe free Google font Forum Regular works well with smaller body texts. The font is multilingual and offers glyphs for Cyrillic and Asian Cyrillic communities as well.

Forum font

3. Shamery

Another free luxurious serif font you would like in your collection in 2021. It’s perfect for corporate design, magazines, publishing, book titles, and product packaging. Shamery works better for headlines.

Shamery font

4. Chromate

Chromate is a free modern trendy serif for advertising, packaging, branding, logotype, and editorial design in 2021. It gives an amazing contrast when paired with simpler sans serif thin and light fonts.

Chromate free font

5. Coda

Coda is a free sans serif and is meant to be used in large sizes for big bold titles and complemented with a regular. It offers a heavy 800 extra-bold style for a bigger impact.

Coda free font

6. Alegreya

This one is a classic. Alegreya is a very popular choice and one of 53 “Fonts of the Decade” at the ATypI Letter2 competition in 2011. The free font family was originally intended for literature as its design is dynamic and perfect for reading long texts.

Alegreya free font

7. Orkney

A free modern geometric typeface with a unique structure and the purpose to suit a huge variety of projects on screen and on print.

Orkney free font

8. Mazius

Mazius is a free high-contrasting serif typeface with three fonts: regular, italic, and extra italic. With its strong calligraphic feel, it makes sleek and expressive headlines in 2021.

Mazius free font

11. Leiko

The next free font is a versatile serif Leko Regular. It has soft smooth curves and good contrast, which makes it perfect for monograms, logotype, headlines, and editorial designs in 2021.

Leiko free font

12. Bebas Kai

Stylish and modern free sans serif by Dharma Type that you can use for commercial purposes. It’s a trendy font with high readability and it’s perfect for branding in 2021.

Bebas Kai free font

13. Coconat

Coconat comes in two styles: regular with fair proportions, and a very expressive fat and proud display-only bold version. The non-conventional type family already gives you the perfect combo in 2021.

Coconat free font

14. Butler

The inspiration for Butler comes from a mix between Dala Floda and Bodoni family. Free font great for posters, big titles, and books, it’s a typeface with high contrast that brings modernism to serif fonts.

Butler free font

15. Floane

Floane has a fair share of usage and recommendation by graphic design blogs on Instagram in 2021. It’s a very elegant free sans serif typeface in 4 styles that easily capture attention.

Floane free font

16. Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue sans serif family sees some significant growth in popularity in 2021 as the Helvetica of the free fonts, offering clean style and elegant shapes for web, print, art, and commerce.

Bebas Neue free font

17. Modernist

We can’t claim to gather the best modern and trendy fonts if we don’t include something minimalistic. So here’s Modernist. This a very clean minimalistic typeface that aims to be the free modern simpler Helvetica, perfect for the digital age.

Modernist free font

18. Coco

Elegant and luxurious, Coco is a brilliantly designed free font family of 8 styles we truly recommend for fashion lovers and aesthetic blogs. A real treat for designers, photographers, and models in 2021.

Coco free font

19. Aleo

This is a free contemporary typeface and also a natural companion to Lato. With a sleek structure and semi-rounded details, Aleo has a strong personality and very high readability.

Aleo free font

20. Millimetre

Millimetre is a free font family constructed on a grid based on the metric system which explains the name. It supports 17 languages.

Millimetre free font

21. Peace Sans

Elegance aside, sometimes what a design truly needs is to make a big bold statement. And this is where Peace Sans jumps into action to make an impact in 2021.

Peace Sans free font

22. England

Modern classy free signature script with a one-of-a-kind feel.  A great addition to any designer’s collection in 2021.

England free font

23. Monument Valley

So far Monument Valley lacks numbers and punctuation, except for comma, and expects future updates. The free font is thin, tall, clean, and modern and is designed with headlines in mind.

Monument Valley free font

24. High Summit

More free signature script with good readability is High Summit, charged with an elegant flow.

High Summit free font

25. Nalika Signature

If you love signature scripts as much as we do, you will fall for this stylish gorgeous font. Nalika is amazing for offering the same high-end expensive feel of the premium fonts, but doing that for free.

Nalika Signature free font

26. Barista

The last one for the script section is a free modern handwriting calligraphy font with distinctive features and a beautiful feminine style. It has cut-off shapes that make the typography look like a rope.

Barista free font

27. Misto

Misto means “city” in Ukrainian and it was designed with Slavutych city in mind and heart. The designer shares more about their inspiration for the font, mentioning Slavutych is the youngest city in Ukraine, only 32 years old, receiving its life after the Chernobyl explosion. It was built like a utopia, the city of dreams with unique-post modernist architecture and tall pine trees. Misto conveys that vintage, yet modern Slavic aesthetics and brings it in 2021.

Misto free font

28. Bioweapon

According to the author’s note, the font was “inspired by ancient events that will never be forgotten, and these events were marked by bioweapons”. It’s free for personal and commercial use font, courtesy of Lucas Felipe who shared it on Behance. Bioweapon’s dystopian dark future style would be very impactful in any design that requires post-apocalyptic aesthetics in 2021.

Bioweapon free font

29. Maragsâ

A very special free semi-serif display font, Maragsa owes its design to one of the accent marks of Filipino words (the pakupyâ accent). It’s a personal project that the author shares alongside the story of the font.

Maragsâ free font

30. Work Sans

Work Sans is a very trendy beautiful modern sans serif font family of 17 fonts, the mediums of which are optimized for on-screen text usage at medium sizes, but also suitable for print. After 2020, Work Sans is a variable font family.

Work Sans free font

31. Corben

We’ll start with a universal web-friendly free display font with higher readability. Its ample curves and ligatures are easy on the eye.

Corben free download font

32. Streetwear

The next free display font is Streetwear that owns the gimmick of a 1960s and 1970s fashion and sport typeface. It’s bold and retro, ideal for logos, posters, packaging, t-shirts, and branding in 2021.

Streetwear free font

33. Manrope

This open-source sans serif font family consists of 7 modern highly readable fonts for your web design projects in 2021.

Manrope free font 2021

34. Mosk

Elegance or boldness? This free font has both. From noble and clean minimalistic thin 100 to extra-strong ultra-bold 900. The brilliance is in the simplicity.

Mosk free font 2021

35. Resotho Extralight

Can’t fail to include some futurism. Resotho is a very high-end geometric sans serif that comes in 18 styles. Fortunately, there’s a free version for personal and commercial that includes one of them: Resotho Extralight.

Resotho Extralight free font 2021

36. Bandara Signature

Bandara is another great choice for a free natural handwritten script font for a personal touch in your projects.

Bandara Signature free font 2021

37. Orbitron

Orbitron is a SciFi futuristic free geometric typeface that would suit spaceship exterior, monopolistic corporate branding, space uniforms, and pretty awesome designs in general in 2021.

Orbitron free font 2021

38. Cinzel Decorative

Inspired by the first-century Roman inscription, Cinzel gives a twist to the classical proportions of the Latin alphabet and makes it more contemporary.

Cinzel Decorative free font 2021

39. Abril Fatface

Abril Fatface is a heavy font that takes advantage of very thin serif fonts to quickly create interesting contrast.

This free serif font was inspired by the various fonts used throughout the 1900s on creative advertising posters.

The thick strokes of each letter will make sure that your content catches the eye of basically any reader.

I would recommend only using Abril Fatface as a display or header font. Reading too much text that uses this font can become a chore.

Additionally, because it was inspired by real typefaces used in the past, you can use this free font to invoke some nostalgic visions of the past.

Abril Fatface free font 2021

40. Alex Brush

In stark contrast to the previous font, Alex Brush is a free handwriting font created by TypeSETit.

They took the time to make sure every part of this font was designed with legibility in mind. As you can see in the example above, it’s very easy to quickly read almost every letter.

The flowing lines of each stroke make it stand out from some of the other free fonts on this list.

I would recommend using this free font as a header font in creative pursuits instead of a more professional setting. For example, this font would work well on a fancy invitation but not on a hiring poster.

If you pair it with a simple sans serif font, there will be a lot of eye catching contrast added to your graphic.

Alex Brush

41. Archivo Black

If you need a big bold font, Archivo Black might be perfect for your project. Not only does it stand out from a lot of the other fonts, it’s still easy to read on a screen or in print.

Some of the other free bold fonts go for one or the other, but this font balances both ideas nicely.

So if you need to share a poster online and hang it on a wall, I would recommend using this sans serif font.

I really like using this free font because the weight and spacing of each letter is the same, no matter if it’s uppercase or lowercase.

The designers created this font to be used in headers and titles, so try to only use it in those scenarios. Otherwise your body text will be almost unreadable.

Use Archivo Black with a thinner serif font like Roboto to really make your text pop.

Archivo Black

42. Archivo Narrow

If you like the overall aesthetics of Archivo Black but don’t want to literally shout at your readers, try using Archivo Narrow.

It shares a lot of the same design characteristics and goals of its boisterous cousin, but is a little easier on the eyes. Additionally, the designers wanted this font to be used in both print and on screens too.

I would still recommend only using this free serif font as a header or for titles, it’s just a little too thick to be a body font.

You can pair it with Archivo Black for an interesting combination of header fonts, or pick a simple free sans serif font like Barlow or Roboto.

Archivo Narrow

43. Nimitz

This free all-caps retro font is inspired by vintage liquor labels and posters and comes in 3 styles.

Nimitz free font 2021

44. Calfine

Calfine free font 2021

45. Newake sans-serif

Newake sans-serif free font 2021

46. Magilio

Magilio free font 2021

47. Facon

With sports brands in mind, Facon is a very impressive free display font with diagonal cuts across the included all caps letters, numbers, and symbols.

Facon free font 2021

48. Bigilla: A display serif typeface

Bigilla: A display serif typeface

49. Projekt Blackbird

Projekt Blackbird font

50. Harmond free display typeface

Harmond free display typeface

51. Neue Metana Next

Neue Metana Next free download

52. Triakis

Triakis free font 2021

53. Harmony

Harmony free font 2021

54. Baunk

Baunk free font 2021

55. Wagon Display Typeface

Wagon Display Typeface free font 2021

56. Rockstar Display

Rockstar Display free font 2021


THUNDER free font 2021

58. Junicode bold condensed

Junicode bold condensed free font 2021

59. Nighty

Nighty free font 2021

140 Best Free Fonts for 2021

60. Vegawanty


61. Saint Regus

Saint Regus free font 2021

62. Creme Espana

Creme Espana free font 2021

63. Bigilla display serif typeface designed by Jérémie Gauthier

Bigilla display serif typeface

64. Maghfirea


65. MONIQA TYPEFACE by Rajesh Rajput


66. Super Duper

Super Duper font

67. Kenoky & Coffekan

Kenoky & Coffekan free font 2021

68. Kilogram

Since retro is the new modern, why not another 1970s aesthetic font? According to the designer, the free bold Kilogram was based on Anagram, that by the way, also happens to be free for commercial use.

Kilogram free font 2021

69. Meshed Display

Meshed Display free font 2021

70. Resist Sans Neo-Grotesque

Resist Sans Neo-Grotesque free font 2021

71. Bosch

Bosch free font 2021

72. Eskool

Eskool free font 2021


WILD WORD free bold font 2021

74. Pangram Sans Rounded

Pangram Sans Rounded free font 2021

75. Luthon Southard Font Duo

Luthon Southard Font Duo free font 2021

76. Hacked

Hacked is a free recreation of the Watch Dogs logo by Ubisoft with a very awesome glitch effect across the letters and numbers.  Creative Commons Attribution license means you can use the font for commercial projects, however, you have to credit the font and its author.

Hacked free font 2021

77. Fogtwo No5 by gluk

Fogtwo No5 font by gluk

78. Hahmlet

Hahmlet free font 2021

79. Rebeqa

Rebeqa free font 2021

80. Subjectivity – Display geometric font family

Subjectivity - Display geometric font family

81. Kate typeface designed by Jérémie Gauthier

Kate typeface designed by Jérémie Gauthier

82. Neue Metana font by Dirtyline Studio

Neue Metana font by Dirtyline Studio

83. Archia

Archia free font 2021

84. Karen Funny Cartoon Font

Karen Funny Cartoon Font

85. Fornite Light

Fornite Light free font 2021

86. Fontshare****

87. Tropikal Typeface

Tropikal Typeface free font 2021

88. Migha

Migha free font 2021

89. SK Falcon typeface

SK Falcon typeface free font 2021

90. Sora

Sora free font 2021

91. Sonder Regular

Sonder Regular free font 2021

92. DX Sitrus display font

DX Sitrus display font

93. Disket Mono

Disket Mono free font 2021

94. Elanor Font

Free 2021 Fonts

95. Dx Rigraf font by Dirtyline Studio

Free 2021 Fonts

96. Intro Script Font 

Free 2021 Fonts

97. Kalmansk

Free 2021 Fonts

98. Casta font

Free 2021 Fonts

99. The Polite Type

Free 2021 Fonts

100. Shrimp free sans serif font

Free 2021 Fonts

101. Nafta free font by Krisjanis Mezulis 

Nafta free font by Krisjanis Mezulis 

102. Tribes

Tribes free font 2021

103. Lezerno

Lezerno free font 2021

104. Lincoln/MITRE retro computer font

Lincoln/MITRE retro computer font
140 Best Free Fonts for 2021

105. Scalter free typeface

Scalter free typeface 2021

106. Resin

Resin font 2021
140 Best Free Fonts for 2021

107. Maragsâ

Maragsâ free font 2021

108. Ramona

Ramona free font 2021

109. Vinson

Vinson free font 2021

110. Longline Quart display font

Longline Quart display font

111. Voklea

Voklea free font 2021
140 Best Free Fonts for 2021

112. Mak

Mak font

113. Rolest

Rolest free script font 2021

114. Bagnard

Bagnard free font 2021

115. Faune typeface family

Faune typeface family

116. Le Super Serif Typeface

Le Super Serif Typeface

117. Pulchella

Pulchella free font 2021

118. Leiko

Leiko free font 2021

119. Nimbus Sans

Nimbus Sans free font 2021

120. Moustique serif typeface

Moustique serif typeface
140 Best Free Fonts for 2021

121. Dx Gaster

Dx Gaster free font 2021
140 Best Free Fonts for 2021

122. Basier Mono

Basier Mono free font 2021

123. Restora

Restora font 2021

124. Elegant display typeface – Stanley

Elegant display typeface - Stanley
140 Best Free Fonts for 2021

125. Telegraf

Telegraf font 2021

126. MAK.

MAK. font 2021
140 Best Free Fonts for 2021

127. Obrazec

Obrazec free font 2021
140 Best Free Fonts for 2021

128. Okta Neue

Okta Neue 2021 best fonts

129. Escucha (+ Consuela font duo)

2021 best fonts

130. Emberly Typeface

2021 best fonts

131. Centrion

2021 best fonts

132. Kenfolg serif typeface

2021 greatest fonts

133. Fat Font

2021 greatest fonts

134. Supremacy

2021 greatest fonts

135. Loki – Sans Serif Brush

Loki - Sans Serif Brush

136. Calama

2021 greatest fonts

137. Borsok

2021 greatest fonts

138. Recollet Retro Bold Script Font

2021 greatest fonts

139. Salsa BT by Bastarda Design Studio

best free fonts from 2021
140 Best Free Fonts for 2021

140. Argesta Hairline with cool discretionary ligatures

best free fonts from 2021

140 Best Free Fonts for 2021

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