34 Great Free Fonts to Use in 2019

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34 Great Free Fonts to Use in 2019

Here, we’ve compiled a list of 34 go-to fonts that you’ll want to use in design projects this year.

While some of these options are free fonts, others are premium typeface options (everyone needs a few go-to premium type families). There’s also a mix of new and classic fonts to choose from.

2019 Type Trends at a Glance

There are a few things we’re already starting to notice when it comes to typography this year. Many of the options in this list have these trending styles in mind.

  • San serif stacked typography with three- to five- lines of text.
  • Use of more serif font options.
  • Retro and outline/inline styles with a classic vibe.
  • Elaborate swashes and flourishes for short text.
  • Thick lines and bold letterforms.


Lato is one of those fonts that never gets old. Semi-rounded details of the letters give Lato a feeling of warmth, while the strong structure provides stability and seriousness. “Male and female, serious but friendly.

With the feeling of the Summer,” according to designer Łukasz Dziedzic. This is a popular typeface, thanks to inclusion in Google Fonts.Lato

Evolve Sans

Evolve Sans includes 10 fonts in multiple weights and a futuristic alternate that’s fun for specific characters or uses. The thin versions are only heavy enough for oversized applications, but the regular and bold weights are exceptional for almost all display text.

Evolve Sans

Morganite is an amazingly complex free sans serif font. The uppercase character set is lovely for display and while lowercase letters have a “crunched” feel, they can work nicely for short text elements. For a typeface with such a high x-height it is quite readable. Find from the designer on Behance.
30 Great Free Fonts30 Great Free Fonts30 Great Free Fonts30 Great Free Fonts



Giveny is a classically-style serif in an all uppercase style. Use it for display to add the right feel to projects that need a special something. Download it from the designers on Behance.




Mosk is a powerful sans serif font with nine styles and plenty of weights so that it can be an all-in-one font solution. The angled letterforms and clean lines make It great for stacking, body text and display. Download it from the designer on Behance.




The Circus Display font is a versatile font with a retro style and fun swashes and tails. If you need an interesting display option, this might be it. From the designer: “This rough typeface has a strong charisma, appealing to the audience.

Coming in two different styles (regular and striped one), it gives a chance to freely edit the degree of its ‘vintageness.’” Download this free front from PixelBuddha.

30 Great Free Fonts30 Great Free Fonts30 Great Free Fonts30 Great Free Fonts

30 Great Free Fonts30 Great Free Fonts


30 Great Free Fonts30 Great Free Fonts



Bobby Jones is a fun – and funky – font with a rounded style, rough and soft options and an outline style. While this typeface has a quirky nature, it also has a cool retro feel. Download it free (personal use only) from PixelSurplus.

30 Great Free Fonts30 Great Free Fonts30 Great Free Fonts


Puzzled is a trendy script with long tails and elaborate lines. While the font has a more feminine feel, it can work in a number of applications. Most effective uses would include simple text elements with a few characters to best make use of elaborate stylings. Download it free from PixelSurplus.

30 Great Free Fonts30 Great Free Fonts


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