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20 Free & Best Booklet Mockup PSD Templates: A Booklet is a small printed book that contains information about a company’s products and services. Often used as a marketing campaign to increase revenue streams.

This model is ideal for digital print service providers and designers, especially for brochure design and printing. All templates come with smart objects that let you customize your mockups quickly.

If you’re a designer, it’s easy to convince your clients that your designs are the best medium to explain their ideas. Business owners can easily create attractive and realistic brochures to promote their products.

These brochure mockup templates are provided as PSD files. It’s easy to customize and add your own content in Photoshop. No need to start over. Just plug in and get started!

From Booklets and catalogs to passports and square brochures, you’ll have plenty of options to take your project to the next level.

1. Free Overhead Booklet Mockup

Every magazine needs a new look, a new message. And with every new edition, you get the opportunity to start all over and to give yourself the chance to bring something original to the table. And you’re going to need the perfect mockup to do so. This is the overhead booklet mockup that allows you to showcase your ideas in a very clear and simple way.

Best Booklet Mockup

2. Free Catalog Booklet Mockup

You can use this attractive mockup with elegant transparent cellophane for portfolios, work projects, training manuals, and product catalogs. Since this mockup is in PSD format, you can easily add any design. With the help of smart layering, this display by Pixeden can be customized with your images and text. You can also add different graphics and colors according to your taste.

Best Booklet Mockup

3. Free Man Holding Book Mockup

Since the book presented here is thin, the mockup can be used for novellas, short stories, illustration books, brochures, catalogs, and maybe even adult coloring books, a fine selection that only needs one mockup. The man holding the book and the folds of the background add to the realistic presentation, leaving you with one task at hand: the insertion of your designs via the smart object layers. And have no worries, high quality never abandons our resources including this 2800 × 2100 pixels resolution PSD mockup that can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

Best Booklet Mockup

4. Free Super Hardcover Book Mockup

A book cover is the book’s billboard, and even without the reader or author knowing, it causes expectation. Over the years, the book cover’s purpose has evolved from protection to promotion, which highlights its importance to be designed well in order to fit its purpose – draw more readers in.

Best Booklet Mockup

5. Letter Brochure & Booklet Mockup Templates

Create a gorgeous letter brochure, booklet, or template with this stunning booklet mockup template. Once you download the 9 PSD files, you can simply customize this booklet mockup template in Photoshop by adding your own content with smart objects. You can even adjust the shadows, shades, background, colors, and more!

Best Booklet Mockup

6. Free Open Hardcover Book Mockup

The outer appearance of a book is what first interacts with the readers, and they will judge according to its cover. If a book’s cover design looks appealing, readers will instantly grab it to see what it is about, so cover matters! That’s why we’re sharing with you today a free open hardcover book PSD mockup. It will allow you to present your book cover design from the front and back.

Best Booklet Mockup

7. Free Small Book Mockup

Here is a small book and an amazing graphic. Present your book cover, logo, artwork, or original design on the cover of this elegant and simplistic book. The book is held in the middle of the frame by a woman who’s fingernail adds a touch of personality to the scene and is also totally customizable. Change the background, paste your design, and start your presentation with this neat little book.

Best Booklet Mockup

8. Free 5 Hardcover Books Mockup

Best Booklet Mockup

9. 5 Free Book Cover Mockups

Free Book Cover Mockups

10. Free Angled Hard Cover Book Mockup

Paperbacks revolutionized the habits of every reader when they first appeared in the 1930s. By the 1960s, the softcover “pocket books” had begun dominating bookstores; Not only were they cheaper to print and buy, these softcovers were also easier to transport than the bulky hardcovers.

Free Angled Hard Cover Book Mockup

11. Free Thick Hardcover Book Mockup

Shared in 4608 x 3456 pixels resolution, this PSD mockup is available with a commercial license so you can share your cover designs including the spine with your clients or create a post for your book reviews or writers page.

Free Thick Hardcover Book Mockup

12. Free Standing Hard Cover Book Mockup

Proudly display your designs or artwork on the cover of a book. Whether you are an author, publisher, or designer you can find great value in this standing hardcover book mockup coming from LS Graphics. This simple graphic is capable of taking your cover artwork and transforming it into a visualizable reality.

Free Standing Hard Cover Book Mockup

13. Booklet Mockups

Here is the mockup presented the A4/A5 Brochure, Catalog, Booklet Template,…. PSD mockups contain special layers and smart objects for your design..

Booklet Mockups

14. Restaurant Brochure Booklet

Restaurant Brochure Booklet. Modern and Creative Brochure Booklet, Can use for any type of restaurant business, Very easily to edit, Very easy to adapt and customize.

Restaurant Brochure Booklet

15. Passport Booklet Mockup

Mock Up is based on a folded 4.5” x 5.75” sized Booklet and 8″ x 3.27″ Boarding Pass

Passport Booklet Mockup

16. Landscape magazines mockup

Best Booklet Mockup PSD Templates

17. Magazine mockup

Best Booklet Mockup PSD Templates

18. Top view on opened magazine design mockup

Best Booklet Mockup PSD Templates

19. Single hard cover with open book mockup

Best Booklet Mockup PSD Templates

20. editorial magazine mock-up

Best Booklet Mockup PSD Templates

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