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Last Updated on May 17, 2023 by Farnaz

15 Best & Free Logo Reveal Templates for After Effects: Looking for high-quality logo publishing? Publish 15 logos for After Effects. Download it for free.

Logo Reveals or Logo Stitches are designed to grab the viewer’s attention from the start. However, it may take some time to publish the logo. Trying out free resources can be an interesting alternative for those with tight deadlines. Luckily, some motion designers and production companies show off template logos from past projects and use these assets are shared with the video community. Let’s talk about such templates and see where you can download them for free.

1. Animated 3D Reveal

A 3D motion logo reveal with shape animations.

2. Swirling Color Logo Reveal

A swirling animation of bright colors leading to a shape explosion and reveal.

3. Logo Glitch Reveal

An animated static fracture effect and distortion over a logo reveal.

4. Splash Logo Reveal

Colorful ink splashes leading to a logo reveal and wipe.

5. Particle Fire Logo

Lens flares collide in the middle and explode into a particle cloud.

6. Simple Shapes Logo

As the name implies, simple shapes combine to make a splash with your logo. It’s a fun and playful way to introduce your company logo.

7. Simple Flat Logo Opener

Simple Flat Logo Opener is a clean After Effects template featuring a minimal and stylish logo animation. Just replace the text, change the colors, drop your logo in and render.

8. Colorful Radial Wipe Logo

A colorful radial transition and bouncing title animation.

9. Gaming Shape Animation Reveal

A bold round shape animation leading to a gaming icon and tagline.

10. Promo Logo Reveal

A simple logo reveal with a split transition effect and basic tagline.

11. Logo Reveal

12. Glitch Reflection Logo Reveal

13. Neon Logo Reveal

A quick and colorful neon reveal which fades to black.

14. Glitch Logo Reveal

15. Water Splash Logo

As you check out these logo reveal templates, don’t forget this key point: they work with your logo. The animations might feel custom, but templates give you flexibility. That means that you can update them with your own specifics.

This water splash template feels straight out of the ocean and is customizable. Talented designers make it easy to take the template and add your brand image to create an animation.

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