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Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by Mr.Pugo

26 Free Minimal fonts by designers for designers: If you’re a designer, choosing fonts can be a little bit annoying. You want to keep it simple and clean, so your designs look great without making the text hard to read. But most of the time there aren’t any fonts like that available on the Web, which means you’ll have to create them yourself or pay for them from somewhere else. Free minimal fonts are a great way to start getting more control over your website’s typography — so I’ve put together a list with some of my favorite free minimal font collections!

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1. DOPE – Unique Display / Logo Typeface

Dope is a unique typeface perfect for headlines, big text, branding, logotypes & display usage. This font can be an excellent choice for creating outstanding logos, promotional content, and marketing graphics that can bring uniqueness and freshness.

2. DUBLIN – Minimal Display / Headline Typeface

DUBLIN is a minimal and modern typeface for headlines, big text, branding, logotypes & display usage. This all-caps typeface is perfect for creating outstanding logos, promotional content and marketing graphics that can really grab attention from your visitors. Please see the examples shown above to get an idea about the capability of this typeface.

3. ARGON – Headline Typeface

4. Logo Typeface

ARTIS, a unique display typeface made with a touch of it’s own. This typeface is perfect for headlines, big text, branding, logotypes & display usage.

5. Bremenoff – Simple & Timeless Typeface

Bremenoff is a timeless sans-serif typeface family of 14 fonts, made with simplicity in every aspect of design. Created with a special focus on readability and the finest visual capabilities, this typeface can turn your design projects into something extraordinary.

6. ASTON – Urban Display / Headline / Logo Typeface

ASTON, an extremely unique all-caps display typeface inspired from ultra modern urban design trends. This typeface is perfect for headlines, big text, branding, logotypes & display usage.

7. Minimalist Typeface with Clean Design

Univa Nova is a beautiful minimalist typeface with masterclass design and outstanding usability features. The typeface is inspired by some of the original Swiss design-based branding projects.

8. Minimal Sans-Serif Typeface

Kross Neue Grotesk is a minimalist sans-serif typeface family of 16 fonts featuring the finest design made with attention to every detail. Created with a special focus on minimalism and simplicity in typography, this typeface can transform your design projects to another level of visual appeal.

9. SPOT – Logo Typeface

10. Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

11. NOMAD – Logo Typeface

12. NOIR – Unique & Modern Display

13. SB ECLIPSE – Unique Display

14. FLIX – Logo Typeface

15. VECTOR – Minimal & Modern Typeface

16. RIPPLE – Minimal & Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

17. Mriya Grotesk – Premium Sans-Serif Typeface

18. OWYNE – Modern Fashion / Stylish Typeface

19. Free Vintage Display Font

Introducing MRK Maston, a new case-sensitive vintage themed display font from Marka Design Studio, Rizvan Bağırlı, Knyaz Yaqublu, and Murad Asadov. You can use these condensed Bold & Regular fonts in your logos, posters, social media content, editorial designs, packaging, and UI design works.

20. Deserta – FREE FONT

21. New Boho – Unique Sans Serif Display Font

22. Less Sans Minimal Typeface

Less Sans is a minimal typeface designed with love to suit most of your design requirements. The font was made as minimal as possible and was constructed around a geometric guidelines, shapes and measurements. Read Less

23. Azonix – Free Modern Font


25. Gropled – Free Display Font

26. Noor Font

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