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Best Free Outline Fonts for 2022

Using a new outline font could boost your design, website, presentation and your brand identity and take your online presence to another level and look more professional and impactful.

Also, Outline fonts are amazing for for neon text effects and help you create one for your self and use it in your website hero section, online ads (display ads) or even for your business cards and more.

There are lot’s of outline fonts out there, but in this collection you’re going to find the best of the best outline fonts (Free & Paid). In this collection we’ve gathered the best outline fonts for you, so you don’t need to dig the internet.

What is an Outline Font?

Outline fonts are fonts which that use geometric outlines of letter and characters. The main advantage of outline fonts is that they are easily scalable so they can be sized up or sized down without distorting the shape. 

Outline fonts are a great choice if you are looking to create professional designs that will easily catch the reader’s attention.

LIBRARY 3 AM Font by Igor Kosinsky

ibrary 3 AM one line font. It comes with two styles – regular and soft, supports Cyrillic and multilanguage. Great for logos, posters, headlines, signage, neon titles, print media and more.

Library 3 AM – free font for personal and commercial use.

Elephant Font

The Elephant font is a bold sans-serif typeface with uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. It can be used for both personal and commercial projects without any restrictions.

Elephant Font - Best Free Outline Fonts for 2022

Robinson Outline

The Robinson font was inspired by vintage newspaper titles. It’s an all-caps font made specifically with magazines and posters in mind. The font also includes the oblique variant.

Robinson Outline - Best Free Outline Fonts for 2022

Argon Outline Font

The Argon font is a modern and creative font whose letters resemble a labyrinth. The font includes uppercase letters and numbers. The free version can be used for personal projects.

Argon Outline Font - Best Free Outline Fonts for 2022
outline fonts free

Fakedes Outline Font

The Fakedes is a rounder serif font that’s perfect for logo or branding projects that require a bolder look. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, numbers, and includes multilingual support.

Fakedes Outline Font

Gibsons Outline Font for designers

After several months we created a brand new font Gibsons Font Collection includes 20 fonts on the package. The fonts have two & three weight from regular, semi-bold, and bold version. And what a great news is every weight have 4 styles fill (of course), outline, vintage (rough edge) and rough (textured). The font perfectly paired, a tall font combined with short font is the best combination. We also do not forget to add alternate character for the feature.

Gibsons Outline Font for designers

Frontage Free Font

The Frontage is a layered typeface system with five different styles. The font can be used in a variety of projects, and you can mix and match different styles to create a unique design.

Frontage Free Font

The Champ Font Family

This outline font can be used freely in any personal project. The font features a heavy, blocky look and comes in 4 different styles.

The Champ Font Family

Retro Neon Font – Outline Style – one of the Best Free Outline Fonts for 2022


A specially crafted neon inspired font giving designers the power to replicate traditionally hand-made lettering from the comfort of their computer.


This Outline style font works great as a headline for music promotion, film titles, Youtube tutorials and gig posters, and when combined with the included graphic presets* achieves a truly realistic neon look.

Retro Neon Font - Outline Style - one of the Best Free Outline Fonts for 2022

Paralines Font – one of the best fonts for 2022

The Paralines font is an all-caps font with a retro-futuristic vibe. It can be used in both commercial and personal projects.

Ostrich Sans Inline Font

The Ostrich Sans font can be used in personal and commercial projects. The font has uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers.

Ostrich Sans Inline Font

Hikou Outline – one of the Best Free Outline Fonts for 2022

The outlined version of Hikou works great in neon colors and large sizes. Includes multilingual uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation. If you’re looking for a font that would look good with a neon effect, the Hikou font is the perfect choice. The font includes multilingual uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Exco Sans Font

Exco a minimalis typeface and awesome character with 4 different style, regular, italic, outline & shadow. Exco it’s perfect for namecard, poster, logo, magazine, cover, banner, tshirt and headers, or even large-scale artwork.

Portico Outline

Portico is a bold typeface that’s great for titles and big lines of text. The outline version has a more subtle design and works well with the regular version. It also looks good in neon!

Portico Outline

Burford Outline by kimmydesign

Burford Outline is a clean and stylish font that is inspired by European fonts and designs. This font family comes with 13 different fonts including the outline option and also includes an extras pack with all the basic keyboard characters.

Burford is a font family that I sketched while traveling through Europe. I was mesmerized by all the unique typography that was showcased throughout the five countries I visited. Inspired by all that I had seen, I found myself spending 4-5 hours per day in Amsterdam’s Vondel Park drawing characters. Once back in the states I digitalized Burford, deciding it would make for a beautiful layer-based font.

Burford Pro package comes with all 18 layering fonts including 5 base layers, 3 top layers, 5 bottom layers and 2 sets of graphic elements. They are strategically made to build on top of each other, creating a cohesive and easy to use layer-based family. Each font also comes with a set of Stylistic Alternatives for letters A C E F G H P Q R. Burford Basic package is created for users who don’t have access to premiere design programs (such as Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, etc) and are unable to use the layering effect. Burford can still be a powerful tool as each font can also be used on its own. It includes every font file not needed for the layering effect. (Include 13 fonts – Burford Basic, Dots, DropShadow, Extras Set A, Extras Set B, Extrude B, Extrude C, Inline, Line, Marquee, Outline, Stripes A and Stripes B).

The Burford Extras set uses all basic keyboard characters – around 100 total elements per set. They are designed to go specifically with Burford and complement its varying styles perfectly. The set includes: banners, borders, corners, arrows, line breaks, catchwords, anchors and many more!

Burford Outline by kimmydesign
outline fonts free

VISIA Duo (Natural & Outline) – Geometric Typeface

VISIA Duo contains Natural + Outline versions from our flagship typeface VISIA Pro (available as separate item on Envato Elements, comes with 18 fonts).

VISIA Pro is our flagship Geometric Sans-Serif typeface, a perfect blend of elegant, minimal and premium design aesthetics at it’s level best. A perfect typeface for logotypes, headlines, branding, marketing graphics, corporate identities, all web & print purposes.


Moonlite is modern display sans font. Made for any professional project branding. Every letter has a unique and beautiful touch. available with outline version. Moonlite is a bold outline typeface perfect for making titles and text lines stand out. The pack comes with the outline font in OTF/TTF/WOFF as well as a matching solid font. (Best Free Outline Fonts for 2022)


Melburch Typeface – Outline Version

Melburch Outline is a vintage line typeface inspired by handmade lettering this, typeface is ready to use and suitable retro design like for Logotype, Label, Sign Painting, Badges, Poster and etc.

Nostromo Outline

Nostromo is a futuristic/science fiction typeface in several weights and styles. Nostromo also comes with stylistic alternatives on several letters.

Nostromo includes multilingual support (basic latin, Western European, Central European, south eastern european), numbers and punctuation.

Nostromo Outline

Visage Outline

The outline version of Visage works great in neon and in large sizes. The font includes uppercase multilingual letters, numbers and punctuation.

Forever Freedom Font Family

And this Online fonts free is Forever freedom is a bold and striking, modern font that includes four awesome styles that combine perfectly together. The regular, italic and outline versions are a wonderful way to spice up your design cohesively.

Pittsbrook Outline

Pittsbrook Outline. A classic outlined typeface that inspired by the letters used in old advertisement and packagings. Its rigid shape gives you strong, sharp and blocky feelings, no curves were harmed in the making of this typeface. Consistently mouse-crafted characters, we spent a lot of attention to every details. Suits best for any classic/vintage design project, such as E-Sport logo, liquor/food label, packaging, headline, space-filler, logotype, typographic quote writings, etc.

Pittsbrook Outline font

Burford Rustic Outline

Burford Rustic is the weathered and textured alternative to the Burford Family. It works the same way as Burford as a layer-based font family, but with some style variations and new layering options. It includes 20 font files, starting with four texture variations from Black, Bold, Light to Ultralight. It also includes and Outline and two Inline Weights. Additionally it offers three line weights (light, medium and bold) for top layering options. There are two extruded fonts and two drop shadow fonts, all either in a solo version and set with Burford Rustic Black for users not using Opentype programs. For users that have Opentype programs, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Publisher and Quark, each font also comes with a set of Stylistic Alternatives for letters A C E F G H P Q R. There are two versions of each letter, and by using contextual alternatives, no two letters next to each other will be the same.

Burford Rustic Basic package is created for users who don’t have access to programs with Opentype capabilities and are unable to use the layering effect. Burford Rustic can still be a powerful tool as each font can also be used on it’s own. It includes every font file not needed for the layering effect.

The Burford Rustic Ornaments uses all basic keyboard characters – around 100 total elements per set. They are designed to go specifically with Burford Rustic and use the same textured edge. The set includes: banners, borders, corners, arrows, line breaks, catchwords, anchors and many more!

Burford Rustic Outline

Kitty Fat – Outline

Kitty Fat is new handwritten bold font made with large brush pen, Outlined version of kitty fat font. Bold, smooth and Outline font perfectly fits for kids and cartoon projects.

Kitty Fat - Outline font

Havana Sunset Font Duo + SVG

A free-flowing, textured script font. Use this version if you need the font in a traditional vector format, but still maintaining an authentic rough paintbrushed finish to its edges.

This font duo is packed full of extra features; the script font includes a full alternate set of characters, as well as an additional SVG version, containing extra high-resolution textures. The sans font includes both a filled and an outlined version, giving you a variety of layout options. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with!

Havana Sunset Font Duo outline font

Chalky Letters is a multilayered font collection

created for the chalk-lettering lovers.

The letters and the ornaments, of this collection, are carefully hand-drawn to resemble the authentic chalk effect. 4 different vintage typographic styles along with a variety of decorations and shadow effects make endless combinations. The collection gives the designer the freedom to use it in any typographic project he can imagine: greeting cards, labels, large scale prints, branding, packaging, signage, editorial design.

Rumble Brave Vintage font collection

This font gives you luxury, elegance, and style all in one! I have included an ornamental collection with 2 gradient variations for you to enjoy.

This font is very easy to use, with or without design software.

Rumble Brave Typeface is perfect for branding, logos, badges, wedding invitations and so much more!

Included in this set:

• Rumble Brave
• Rumble Brave Rough
• Rumble Brave Outline
• Rumble Brave Shadow 3D
• Rumble Brave Script
• Rumble Brave Script Rough

Rumble Brave Vintage font collection

Neon Font

The Neon font is another font that works well with the neon effect applied to it. The font is free for personal and commercial use. It comes in two styles and includes uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Еasy Outline Font

The Easy Outline font has a thin and tall look, so it’s perfect for fashion or beauty design projects.

Еasy Outline Font

Anthology Font

The Anthology font comes in 5 different styles and has complete multilingual support. The font can be used freely in personal projects. You will also get bonus vector icons that work great with this font.

Anthology Font

Halfomania Font

This is a futuristic sans-serif font that can be used in personal and commercial projects. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation symbols.

Potra Typeface

Potra Typeface - rounded outline font

Darling Bloom Font

Introducing Darling Bloom a fabulously fragrant new font, drawn by hand, with love! Perfect for adding that hand-made touch to your wedding invites, stationary or even a cute logo!

Darling Bloom Font - cute online font

Batter Up Outline Font

If you need a simple outline font, the Batter Up will do the trick. It has a unique look and contains only uppercase letters. The font is free for personal and commercial use.

Batter Up Outline Font

Geometrica Hand Font

This font has a geometric, hand-drawn look. It’s a great choice for any retro project.

NeoRetroDraw Font

This display font can be used in personal and commercial projects with no restrictions. The font has a retro look and comes in three different styles.

NeoRetroDraw Font

Amorica Font Family

Neoneon Font

This is another great choice whenever you need a neon look. The font is perfect for large headers, posters, and even signage.

What are some good bold outlined fonts?

PittsbrookRobinson, and Moonlite are some great bold outlined fonts to try.

What are some good neon outlined fonts?

Some good neon fonts would be Retro Neon Line FontRobinson, and Portico.

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