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Looking for color palettes for your graphic, web, or UI design? DopelyColors is a useful online tool that lets you create, save, and share beautiful color schemes and gradients. You can browse and filter palettes by color or popularity, save them to your account, or download them as PNG, PDF, CSS, SVG, and more.

DopelyColors is also available as an Adobe XD Plugin, Figma Plugin, and Chrome Extension. They also have a handy Instagram account that shares palettes derived from beautiful photos and illustrations. Here are some of our favorites from their collection.

Are you tired of using the same old color schemes in your design projects? Look no further than our post. Don’t settle for boring color schemes in your designs. Start using these fresh and natural color palettes in all your projects, from web design to your entire brand identity.

Beautiful Color Palettes
Perfect Color Palette by PugoStudio

Get your custom color palette for only $399!

Create a Perfect Color Palette for your brands, products, websites, or social media.

cool Color Palettes

sexy color palette
pastel color palette
exciting and happy color palettes
exciting and happy color palettes

exciting and happy color palettes
cold color palette
sexy color palette

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