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Last Updated on September 14, 2022 by Farnaz

20 Free Icon packs for Professional Designers: When it comes to icons, web designers and graphic artists have a great opportunity to showcase their craft, showcase their experience, and explore their creativity. A cute and friendly icon set is a great way to showcase a designer’s work and is a powerful tool for building your online reputation. In fact, designers have taken advantage of it to create some really cool icon sets and make them available for free download.

5 Essential Elements of An Effective Business Card

  1. Typography
  2. Logo
  3. Paper
  4. Creative Layout
  5. Shape

1. Free Icons

2. Atomic icons sets FREE

3. Free Office Life Icon Pack

4. 266 FREE responsive icons in 3 sizes (16/20/24px)

5. Iconsax 6.000 icons Free

6. Free Icon Set

7. Free icon set

8. 200 Free Essential Icon

9. Universal Icon Set

10. 40 Free Medical Icon Set

20 Free Icon packs for Professional Designers

11. Medical & Pharma Free Icon Set

12. Free Social Icons

13. 400+ Free Icons

14. FREE | Google Material Icons for Adobe XD


16. Freebie – Glass Icons Set for Sketch and XD

17. 400+ Free Line Icons

18. Freeline – 40 free outline icon

19. Free Transparent Vector Icons pack

20. Free Kindness Icons

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