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We have here The 20 Top White Paper Templates for Word & InDesign. A good-looking design is a must when creating a white paper for a modern reader. Our collection of white paper templates will help you find the perfect design for your white paper.

White papers have been around for many years. Even in today’s digital age, white papers are still one of the best ways to promote your brand or business. Your white paper will be more effective if you can add value to your audience while increasing business relevance.

Of course, document design is also important to attract readers. Choose from our collection of stunning white paper templates to help you come up with a great layout for your brochure.

1. Visual White Paper Design Template

Top White Paper Templates

If you want to take a more visual approach to your white paper design, be sure to use this InDesign template as a starting point. It comes with several beautiful page layouts filled with image placeholders alongside creative content layouts. It’s perfect for making modern white papers that attract all types of audiences. The template is available in A4 size.

2. Travel App White Paper Template

This stunning travel white paper template can be used by companies of all industries to highlight how their products and services are unique. It comes with pre-designed pages that boast Visme’s high-resolution stock photos, unique icons and shapes and incredible fonts.

3. Simple IT White Paper Template

Are you having difficulty in getting people to purchase the products/services your IT company has to offer? If so, then this Free Simple IT White Paper Template is what you need!

4. White Paper Company Progress Report

Top White Paper Templates

Is a professional and simple template for your business reports.

5. Social Media Privacy Concern White Paper Template

Highlight the risks of social media with this professional white paper template.
If you would like to create an attractive and professional white paper that outlines the risks of social media then this stunning white paper template is the perfect choice for you.

Featuring a stunning design layout that showcases Visme’s high-res photos, fonts and selection of high-quality vector icons, this template is an excellent pick for you to showcase your brand information and win over your target audience.

6. Business IT White Paper Template

Using white papers as a primary means of marketing the products and services of your IT company is an excellent strategy. White papers allow you to elaborate on the solutions that are used to resolve common issues. To be steps ahead of your competition, take advantage of our Business IT White Paper Template.

7. White Paper Company Report

Top White Paper Templates

8. Environmental Impact White Paper Template

Looking to generate leads or share insightful information with your audience? Customize this environmental white paper template today!
This customizable nature-themed white paper template is a great choice for corporates looking to drive their CSR initiatives, nonprofits invested to put an end to deforestation or even individuals who want to get their voices heard.

9. Technology White Paper Template

There’s never a more efficient form of persuasion than raising awareness about a certain problem and educating people on its solutions. This is how white papers can become an efficient sales pitch.

10. Red InDesign White Paper Template

Top White Paper Templates

11. Digital Marketing White Paper Template

This marketing white paper template is ideal for use by digital marketers and agencies of the same niche to identify and address problems, issues and solutions. With beautifully designed pages, this B2B white paper template is a perfect pick to bring important content to life.

12. White Paper Company Profile

Top White Paper Templates

13. Security White Paper Template

Use this modern security white paper template to put together a stunning resource on cybersecurity, including the most popular topics such as types of cyber attacks, terms and conditions you need to know and the best ways to protect data.

14. White Paper Template

Top White Paper Templates

15. White Paper

Top White Paper Templates

16. Innovation and Development White Paper Template

Dive into the world of innovation and technology with this beautiful two-toned white paper template. The modern layout and handpicked fonts will guarantee you the attention and leads.

17. Electronic Media White Paper Template

18. Simple White Paper Template for InDesign

Top White Paper Templates

19. Business White Paper Template

20. Elegant InDesign White Paper Template

Top White Paper Templates

The clean design of this white paper template gives it a very elegant and calm look, unlike most other templates on our list. This makes it a great choice for making white papers related to casual and lifestyle topics. There are 32 different page layouts for you to choose from. The template is available in A4 and US Letter sizes as well.

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