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Bold Fonts for Designer in 2023: Are you looking for bold fonts to use in your designs? I’m here to help you find your free bold fonts quickly. If you are looking for free and bold fonts then this post is perfect for you.

A design that doesn’t grab your audience’s attention reduces the chances of your work getting noticed.

One of the key factors in helping your design grab people’s attention is the bold fonts for designer use. Choosing the right typeface that appeals to the masses, is robust, impactful, and unique can create a design that is highly appealing and stands out.

A big factor in whether a heading “works” is whether you choose a bold font. If you choose the wrong font (one that doesn’t engage your audience and doesn’t make an impact), you’re in trouble. Robust, unique, impactful, and with the right font selection, you can consistently create standout headlines that appeal to the masses.

But finding a suitable bold is difficult. Where to look What are you looking for?

I gathered 37 of the best free & bold fonts for designer so you don’t need to spend your time to search the web. I hope you enjoy and use these amazing bold fonts in your future designs.

Table of Contents

1. Free Soul Maze Font – a Font for Designer

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

2. Hyrbo – Free Font

Hyrbo is a free unique display font created by Dom Rowland. This unique sans serif takes a modern approach to type design by pairing a strong structure with dynamic curves that gives it an interesting motion and fluidity. Perfect for your next design endeavor.

Bold Font 2

3. 36 Days of Type – A Bold Font

This makes the font extremely suitable for turning it into a display font. And as a thank you for the support and the love, the font is completely free to download.

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

4. Dujitsu Free Font

Dujitsu Font FREE – This Japan-inspired display font made by the Indieground Team is perfect for your heavy titles. It gives an oriental style to the typography of your artworks.

Bold Font 8

5. Free Font Typeface family – EXTENDA

All Extenda fonts include an extended character set covering Latin languages as well as ones using Cyrillic and Greek for a coverage of 200+ languages. Full Open Type features are included, from small caps to stylistic alternates, positional number forms and discretionary & standard ligatures.

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

6. Fat Free Font

It’s a headline font designed by Thom Niessink, This font has an extremely heavy weight and many unique characters. Perfect for big titles, advertising, labelling, packaging and anything that needs a big impactful typeface. It also features multilingual characters for increased usability.

Bold Font 11

7. Free bold font – SHRIMP

Shrimp was carefully crafted to form structured,strong and stylish letterform. Shrimp looks perfect for posters, eye-catching headlines, loud messages and other creative projects. Be charming, be a shrimp! Download it for free here!

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

8. Gold – Free Bold Hand Drawn Font

Bold Font 14

9. MALER Font – Free Latin/Cyrillic

MALER font from MIR design studio. Ideal for logo or large headline.

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

10. Mosk free bold font

Mosk is a typeface family that consist of lowercase letters and edited versions in the uppercase version, for your logos and designs.

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

11. Far Out! – Free Font

Far Out! is a free bold display serif font created by Gaby Bacani. This trendy serif is perfect for retro and modern projects. It features a beautiful blend of strength and elegance that makes it perfect for your next poster or logo.

Bold Font 4

12. Codec Sans 60 Free Font Family

Codec is a geometric sans serif type system, designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini with Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli. As in many contemporary typefaces whose design derives from the constructionist logic of Futura, letter shapes are defined by the small choices in the space between rigorous geometric perfection and minimal humanist corrections.

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

13. SK Pupok – Free Font

SK Pupok is a soft decorative typeface with rounded shapes. Its friendly appearance is suitable for many design tasks. The typeface has two styles: regular and outline. This configuration allows you to experiment with typeface compositions and styles. The SK Pupok typeface is multilingual and supports many languages, including the basic and extended Latin, Cyrillic, and many others. It is great for creating any design works and will look great in poster design and even in web design.

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

14. Acier Sans – Free Bold Display Font

Acier Sans is a new free extra bold sans serif font . This display font is BIG, perfect for any design project that needs to grab some attention. Its grid-based design allows for easy alignment and symmetry.

Bold Font 6

15. Cunia Free Font Typeface

Cunia is a sans serif font with slightly rounded corners designed by Alejo Bergmann. It contains all caps letters, numerals and symbols. This font perfectly suites for variety display purposes, including logotypes, badges and labels, headlines and banners, prints and much more.

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

16. Hanson Bold Font

HANSON BOLD Is the latest font from Hanson Method. Works well for bold strong brand identities, logo types, posters & more. A regular version of Hanson will be made if there is enough demand. Tag us on Instagram in your designs!

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

17. Losta Frida – Decorative Serif family

Introducing Losta Frida This family contains 5 weights and ornaments to create an artistic touch to your projects. Has tons of alternates and ligatures. Best for branding, Webdesign project, Clothing brand, logo design, valentine’s greetings, packaging, and much more. Multilingual support, numbers, and currency symbols.

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

18. Free Metal Chrome Text Effect

This design is a Photoshop template that helps you easily convert your desired text or logo with just one click. And it makes you save your money and time. This font is compatible with all languages.

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

19. São Torpes Free Display Font

A free bold grotesque retro display typeface.

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

20. Make Fonts not war

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022


Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

22. BROCHA – Bold Font for Designer

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

23. OBRAZEC – Free Industrial Sans Serif

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

24. ANEHIK Bold Font

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

25. Valverde Font – Bold Fonts for Designer in 2023

This is a unique and modern family of serif fonts with two widths condensed and normal, each width consists of 18 fonts and has a complete weight from thin to black combined with beautiful italic cuts to meet the needs of any design in any format.

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

26. Acier Sans – Free Bold Display Font

Acier Sans is a new free extra bold sans serif font . This display font is BIG, perfect for any design project that needs to grab some attention. Its grid-based design allows for easy alignment and symmetry.

Bold Font 6

27. Happiness Mood Font

This font comes with 2 styles clean and stamp style. Use this font for any branding, product packaging, invitation, quotes, t-shirt, label, poster, logo etc.

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

28. Summeric Font

Bold Fonts for Designer in 2022

29. Oceanwide Bold Font for Designer

Free Bold Fonts

30. Stronghold – A Dry Brush Typeface

Free Bold Fonts

31. LETTOWN HILLS Display bold Font

Free Bold Fonts

32. LYON & CREST SVG – Bold Font for Designer

Free Bold Fonts

33. Vintage INTAGE Script bold font

Free Bold Fonts

34. Hazard Marker Bold Font for Designer

Free Bold Fonts

35. Bisect Display Bold Font

Free Bold Fonts

36. Despair Display – Free Bold Sans Serif Font

Free Bold Fonts

37. Bold Font for Designer – DST Helfita – Free Thin Sans Serif Font

Free Bold Font

38. Savana – Script Bold Font

Introducing a calligraphy style bold cursive font perfect for greeting cards, business cards, branding, quotes, posters and more. In addition to the basic characters, the Savana-Script Bold font offers alternative characters such as stylistic phrases, stylistic alternatives, swashes, contextual alternatives, and ligatures.

Bold Font

39. Curandera – Free Bold Display Font

Bold Font 19

40. Old Growth – Free Vintage Font

Bold Font 20

41. Persona – Trendy Bold Font

One of the exciting features of this font is that you can use uppercase & lowercase in the same word, which will make your designs look more stand out. What’s more, the italic version in this font can be used to create combinations in your designs. With so many features, this font is suitable for posters, magazines, headlines, etc.

Bold Font

42. Bullate – Blobby Bold Font

This is a playful, hand-drawn sans-serif font inspired by children’s snacks, comics, picture books, cartoons, movies, and vibrant visual concepts. Bullate is a regular spaced font that can be optimized for large sizes (displays/posters).

Bold Font

43. The Blast – Bold Font

The Blast is a sans-based font with unique lowercase letters that make your designs look futuristic and modern. This font can be used for any purpose, especially for creating logos. You can mix uppercase and lowercase letters to make the logo easier to read. This font also has special alternatives to make your designs more eye-catching!

Bold Font

44. Retro Young – Vintage Bold Font

Inspired by retro aesthetics, Retro Young is a bold, vintage-style cursive font perfect for your next design project that needs a retro feel or a modern twist. This font is created in combination with handle letters and includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and more.

Supplied in standard pitches and can be optimized for any size. This font is suitable for logos, handwritten quotes, posters, product packaging, headers, and social media.

Bold Font

45. Retrips – Bold Serif Font

Retrips is a modern, soft, bold serif with a variety of ligatures and alternatives that make presentations and logos more attractive and eye-catching. This font will make your project look retro and chic. This font can be used for posters, events or social media posts. Retrips also supports multiple languages. And already PUA encoded!

Bold Font

46. Stay Bold Font

Stay Bold is a hand painted font with a stylish character. This font can help to to good display, can be used for various purposes.such as headlines, logos, wedding invitation, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, labels, news, posters, badges and all of your handcrafted projects presentations.

Bold Font

47. Rono Bold Font

The starting point for the writing was a conception in making a bold font with soft forms that signals safe and fun. A thick font that can use for many different types of tasks. It’s great in use for many things like package design, poster-design, logotypes/visual identities or simple graphic design cases. Even like useing for a web project.

Bold Font 1

48. Hit and Run – Fun Sans Serif Font

A Sans Serif font ready to have fun! Ready to ring the bell and run to your layouts! Great for all kind of kids layouts, invites, Instagram posts, lettering, etc.

Bold Font 3

49. BoldenVan – Chubby Children Font

With rounded corners and chubby bold looks, BoldenVan (Bold and Fun) brings joy, smiles, and excitement to your upcoming projects. Suit perfectly poster, games title, cartoon movies, credit titles, magazine, and so on. Have fun!

Bold Font 7

50. Thick Layered Font

Introducing Thick Font. This is fun layered font, a font with bold and modern nuances so that it feels free and fun. This font has a cheerful, funny but still strong impression because of its bold style. Thick is the perfect font for all your fun designs and also for HALLOWEEN PARTY POSTER. The main font file is equipped with ordinary characters, as well as more than 350 glyphs to support most Latin-based languages.

Bold Font 9

51. Bob Font

Bold Font 10

52. Crushed Font

Bold Font 12

53. Bold Brush Font

Discover is a bold brush font inspired by the rugged outdoors & exploration. Discover features a regular & italic version and is perfectly suited for creating authentic hand drawn designs that stand out.

Bold Font 15

54. Bold Display Font

Vaselina is a modern and stylish typeface, best used as a display for headings, logos, branding, magazines, product packaging and invitations. Vaselina comes with clean lines and smooth curves, giving any project an extra classy look.

Bold Font 16

55. Bold Retro Display Font

Bold Font 17

56. Crasus – Modern & Bold Display Font

Bold Font 21

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