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Outstanding Industrial Designs inspiration  In Weekly Outstanding Industrial Designs we Showcasing top 6 Industrial Designer/Product Designer every week. we pick this set of weekly inspiration from Behance.

Take a look at our last week Outstanding Industrial Designs here.

Intel Wireless Charging Devices for Emirates By Mardis Bagley , Phnam Bagley

Wireless charging technology from Intel, designed for Emirates First Class Lounges. Integrating our designs into an environment rich in unique materials and textures. 

Industrial Design, Branding, Product Design

SAN LAMP SYSTEM By Jonas Ceppa , Kinsey Yu

SAN lamp adopts a modular lamp system which enables the lamp to be transformed into a desk lamp, wall lamp and a floor lamp based on different demands. All the components (8 in total) are properly placed in the package box. By putting them together, users can assemble three different types of lamp.

Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Product Design

Little Can Electronic Piggy Bank By PUPUPULA KIDS

Little Can is an electronic piggy bank that aims to help young children learn about money.

Industrial Design, Product Design, Interaction Design

Luca Breakfast Range By Youmeus Design

This collection of breakfast products for Kenwood is simple and uncomplicated in its approach.The collection is made up from three products; kettle, coffee maker and toaster.

Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Product Design

Chic-Children’s scooter By iu Lonng , Aisingoro real nubility

Multi-function children’s horse-rocking scooter

Industrial Design, Product Design, Branding

HOP By Layer Design

Industrial Design, Fashion, Product Design


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