Best Brand Identity Designs of the week 40

Best Brand Identity Designs : In Weekly Best Brand Identity Design we Showcasing top 6 Brand Designer, Identity Designer every week.

This compilation includes style guides, brand identity, animated logos and similar works related to brand identity design.

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1.Porsche Rebranding Concept By Marc Prades

Rebranding a brand as recognized and prestigious as Porsche was an idea that occurred to me when analyzing the shield of the company and realize that the actual logo represented in just one color dont look really good and the difficulty of reading when the logo is reproduced in the smallest sizes. The objective of the project was clear, change the logo enough to fit the current design trends and solve the small problems that I think the current model has but all this without losing the essence and sophisticated image that so long It has cost the company to achieve.

Branding,Graphic Design,Print Design


2. By Épica Branding & Packaging

Branding, Graphic Design,Illustration,Product Design


3. By Anagrama Studio

Branding,Graphic Design


4.Horizon By Tunde Molnar

I decided to create a fictional yoga studio brand that represents the antique traditional and fresh modern qualities of the yoga culture. First I came up with the name The Inner Horizon that symbolises the intrinsic mental and extrinsic physical growth the of human soul and body,

Branding,Graphic Design,Art Direction


5. By TRÜF Creative

Caprock is a leader in managing family wealth with their personalized, hands-on approach. Pioneers in the impact investing space, they wanted to modernize their identity and create a cohesive visual system. To revitalize this decade-old brand, we started with a monogram “C” that’s always moving forward and speaks to financial growth and flexibility.

Branding,Graphic Design,Web Design


6.SUSHI JUNCTION By  Lee Ching , Hidenori Fujiwara

Sushi Junction serves the most authentic Sushi rolls in an online delivery model in Delhi NCR.

Branding,Graphic Design,Packaging

Branding,Graphic Design,Web Design


7. Type Logos – Volume 6 By Ofelia Andronic

A tribute to finding my way back to the Christian Orthodox Faith

Graphic Design,Branding,Icon Design