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Best Brand Identity Designs : In Weekly Best Brand Identity Design we Showcasing top 6 Brand Designer, Identity Designer every week.

This compilation includes style guides, brand identity, animated logos and similar works related to brand identity design.

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Barnabé Café By Natata , Rafa Mota

Barnabé Café is a Coffee Shop based in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Our role in this project was to develop the logo design and a visual identity that was both rustic and modern. We also developed all support materials for the brand. We chose to draw the typography to reinforce the rustic handmade appeal.

Branding,Graphic Design,Calligraphy

Stampeno brand design By Baianat

Stampeno is a cafe and Italian restaurant. While working on the brand identity, we tried to come up with a modern and youthful feeling that sets them apart from the surrounding competitors. 

Branding,Graphic Design,Packaging

GEMA By Ivan Voznyak

 Fine gems & jewellery

Packaging,Branding,Graphic Design

Lick Home By Two Times Elliott

When this home decor brand speaks, it says ‘let’s decorate’. Just launched, Two Times Elliott has been working with an ambitious duo to craft a brand experience and identity that is educational and inclusive. An industry disrupter, Lick Home came to Two Times Elliott poised to take traditional home decorating online.

Branding,Packaging,Art Direction

SPCOCO cosmetics and beauty brand design By Maybe Chang

1.cosmetics and beauty brand 2.SKINCARE FOR SPORT 3.SPORT OFTEN BEAUTY ALWAYS

Graphic Design,Photography,Branding


A rebranding and brand expansion of Planned Parenthood.

Branding,Graphic Design,Art Direction

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