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Classic printed newspapers have a unique feel that digital media can’t replicate. That’s why, despite paperless communication, newspapers remain popular for sharing information and advertising products and services. However, digital publications can look different in print. So, mockups are useful to ensure your newspaper has the desired impact when printed.

Free Newspaper mockup templates are a great way to showcase your designs in a realistic and professional way. Whether you’re a designer working on a newspaper project or a publisher looking for a way to present your newspaper designs to clients, these templates are a valuable resource. In this post, we’ll be discussing 15 of the best newspaper mockup templates available.

Here are some of the best newspaper mockup templates available for instant download. These templates can help you showcase your newspaper in a way that complements its style and content.

Check out this collection of the best and Free newspaper mockup templates available.

1. Free Tabloid Newspaper Mockup

Free Tabloid Newspaper Mockup

2. Newspaper Adverts Mockup

The best Newspaper Mockup will help you to show your clients that how their ad will look when printed in the newspaper. It offers well-described layers to adjust the background, shadows and light effects.

Newspaper Adverts Mockup

3. Newspaper mockup

Newspaper Mockup Templates

4. Free Newspaper Mockup 

Free Newspaper Mockup 

5. Front Page Newspaper Mockup

Newspaper Mockup

6. Newspaper mockup PSD on a wooden table

Newspaper mockup PSD on a wooden table

7. Newspaper Adsverts Mockups – FREE PSD

Newspaper Mockup Templates

8. Newspaper Mockup Template

Newspaper Mockup Templates

9. Newspaper Advert Mockup

Newspaper Mockup Templates

10. FREE Smart Newspaper Advertising

FREE Smart Newspaper Advertising

11. Businessman standing and reading newspaper

Businessman standing and reading newspaper

12. Newspaper & Advertising Mockup

Newspaper & Advertising Mockup

13. Newspaper Mockup

Newspaper Mockup Templates

14. Newspaper Mockup PSD

This newspaper mockup template is perfect for showcasing your newspaper designs in a more realistic way. The templates are fully layered and easy to edit, with smart objects for adding your own designs. The high-resolution design ensures that your designs will look great.

Newspaper Mockup Templates

15. Newspaper cover concept mock-up

Newspaper Mockup Templates

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