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Last Updated on February 3, 2020 by Farnaz

Outstanding Industrial Designs In Weekly Outstanding Industrial Designs we Showcasing top 7 Industrial Designer/Product Designer every week. we pick this set of weekly inspiration from Behance.

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Intelligent visual doorbell By Bailen Huang

In home security increasingly attach importance to the social background, family security door bell is widespread industrial cutting tools 
are tough, appear too single. Under the impetus of the industrial trend of intelligent 4.0 at the same time, this kind of inspirational intelligent 
visualization doorbell arises at the historic moment.

Industrial Design,Product Design


By Seungkyun Kim , Jaegon Yoo , MOMENTUM Studio

Modern people who suffering from frequent stress has been purifying their inner anger with nature.
Branche is an item for this people, it is a mood lamp and a small humidifier shaped like a small branch floating on calm water. 

Industrial Design,Product Design


Balenciaga Film Camera Filter By DongJae Koo

Balenciaga Film Camera Filter is a film camera featuring this fashion brand’s liberating personality and vividness. I designed 35mm film and camera using neon color which is the identity color of this brand now. Using this film, it is possible to capture personality and sensitivity different from ordinary film cameras.

Outstanding Industrial Designs


RAMA WORKS® M6 Backplate Re-Design By Sebastian Halin

During S4:W2 there was a collaboration between Render Weekly x RAMA WORKS®. The challenge was about to re-design the back of the M6 keyboard. My design proposal aimed to create a visual coherency between the plastic caps and the CNC’d back plate. I had no particular design process for this task, it was only about focusing on creating visually appealing presentation renders in KeyShot.

Outstanding Industrial Designs


Bubble – Food track By Savin Dimov , Altino Alex

Lack of food track can be not only inconvenient like when you go to a supermarket and forget to buy an specific item for your family’s dinner but also unsustainable, 1/3 of food produced in the world for human consumption gets lost or wasted every year, according to Food and Agricutulre Organization of the United Nations.

Industrial Design,UI/UX,Product Design


Chromebook Reference Design By Mauricio Romano

This project is a reference design I developed while at Intel Corporation.

Industrial Design,Product Design

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