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Last Updated on February 23, 2020 by Farnaz

Outstanding Industrial Designs In Weekly Outstanding Industrial Designs we Showcasing top 7 Industrial Designer/Product Designer every week. we pick this set of weekly inspiration from Behance.

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Industrial Design for Sensarii Powerband By sam weise

A smart swimming wearable measuring force output.

Sensarii are a startup within Australia developing a product that offers swimmers and triathletes a totally new way to train.

The scope of the work was to package the technology into a form that worked ergonomically and create a distinctive brand language that is recognisable as “sensarii”.

Industrial Design



AROUND B has been manufactured to increase the popularity of indoor autonomous robots whose high price tag has so far prevented their penetration in the consumer market. By making them more accessible, people will be able to experience a number of indoor autonomous driving robot services in different spaces and environments.

Industrial Design,Product Design,Branding


Astra Chair By Mauricio Sanin

Astra is the result of multiple nights where I sketch and illustrate different products and furniture concepts. This is a comfortable, good looking chair where you can sit for a long time and relax. Due to its multiple parts, I imagine a wide range of materials and finishing options. It can be plastic (polyurethane) & wood, textile & wood, textile & plastic, leather & wood, not to mention other possible combinations.

Industrial Design,Furniture Design,Product Design


Jaguar Synthspeed By Hayden Ahn , Keun-young Oh

Jaguar SYNTHSPEED is a proposal of the Jaguar’s future motorsports and a tribute for the brand’s prospected 100th racing anniversary in the year 2048. Combining the racing with electronic music, which will also reach the centennial in 2048, Jaguar SYNTHSPEED proposes the new kind of emotion in the post-combustion era motorsports

Automotive Design,Industrial Design,Product Design


Wireless Smart Charger for 3M By SWNA office

The project involved designing 3M’s first wireless charger and building it with its own wireless charging system which was developed in-house. We thought long and hard to answer questions such as, ”What is the essence of 3M?,” “What is the design philosophy and design language of 3M?”, and ultimately came to the conclusion that the answer to those questions could be best answered with the word “rationality.”

Outstanding Industrial Designs


Samsung Galaxy Fold mini concept By Alexander Bazilewskiy

Galaxy Fold mini with an ultra-widescreen will be useful for working, gaming and watching movies. It is a compact and huge device at the same time. The concept uses copper-plated steel case, and rear camera with 3 lenses, which you can use even for selfies.

Industrial Design,Interaction Design


Breeze Air​​​​​​​ By BKID co

Breeze air is Smart  Formaldehyde(CH2O) Detector. The structure is simple to stand & wall-hanging. when you check the your space air concentration. just hang and detect several air quality information.

UI/UX,Industrial Design,Product Design

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