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Outstanding Industrial Designs In Weekly Outstanding Industrial Designs we Showcasing top 7 Industrial Designer/Product Designer every week. we pick this set of weekly inspiration from Behance.

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Industrial Design Portfolio By Seongmin Kwon

kettle type dehumidifier

Industrial Design,Product Design

Prism By Nicholas Baker

The goal of this project was to explore a personal light device and create an innovative product taking inspiration from a notable designer. I researched the subtle subconscious cues from Naoto Fukasawa’s design philosophy, along with his playful attitude to create my design. The Prism is a simple night-light inspired by the classic see-saw. The light is turned on by a single tilt of the product, easing the hassle of finding and flipping a switch in the middle of the night.

Furniture Design,Industrial Design,Product Design

Clair K – Air purifier & Diffuser By BOUD , sungmoo choi , Jimmy Sungho Park

This is a Air Purifier designed by BOUD for CLAIR. Clair K presents a new design direction to the air purifier market. We have set two design goals. One was to have a differentiated design from the products currently on sale, and the other was to structurally address easy production and cost-cutting. To solve this problem, the vertical structure of the body with top and bottom only two molds were used to reduce the production cost. The vertical pattern applied to softly curved surfaces proposes a differentiated design paradigm to the air purifier market of generalized designs. Clair K breaks the border between livings and arts and shows an objet design that matches the interior trend. Clair K is a product of excellent design solution by structurally solving the limited conditions of low and middle price products.

Industrial Design,Crafts,Product Design

LOTUS Waterproof Speaker By ffon creatives , Ryan Kim , yeaji hong , Hanyeon Lee

The ‘Lotus’ has an IP68 waterproof rating, which allows for complete waterproofing in any environment, such as baths, swimming pools, and seas. It is also possible to create sufficient buoyancy through the center of gravity, which is concentrated upward and float without being submerged.

Industrial Design,Product Design

sound/spot : Film directional speaker By Kihyeon Kim , Lee Hyo min , Seongmin Kwon

Industrial Design,Product Design,Interior Design

Keling – Air cleaner for kitchen By kikang kim

Outstanding Industrial Designs

Curve Hanger By Kittipoom Songsiri

Furniture Design,Industrial Design,Product Design


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