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Last Updated on April 12, 2020 by Farnaz

Outstanding Industrial Designs inspiration  In Weekly Outstanding Industrial Designs we Showcasing top 6 Industrial Designer/Product Designer every week. we pick this set of weekly inspiration from Behance.

Take a look at our last week Outstanding Industrial Designs here.

Sumo Side Table By Kittipoom Songsiri

Furniture Design,Industrial Design,Product Design

Stratum By Tony Elkington

Stratum is a desk mat that gives office workers control over their own temperature. Applying heating or cooling directly to the forearms eliminates its effect on ambient conditions, allowing each person in a shared workspace to feel comfortable.

Industrial Design,Product Design,Drawing

By Dongjun Ding , Zhao-Hu Angry

Industrial Design,Product Design

Cable Pet By Suki Lee

All in one USB adapter, charges all types of smart phones.

Industrial Design,Product Design,Fashion

Art goes with time—Picasso Pen By Shanghai Fanso

Industrial Design,Branding,Packaging

Sleeping I By Jeongdae Kim

Lighting for Children

Industrial Design,Creative Direction,Product Design

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