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Last Updated on June 7, 2020 by Farnaz

Outstanding Product Design inspiration In Weekly Outstanding Industrial Designs we Showcasing top 6 Industrial Designer/Product Designer every week. we pick this set of weekly inspiration from Behance.

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Attach control pads directly to your screen and turn it into a full-on gaming device, with great usability and intuitive shortcuts to various gaming features. Easily combine PLAY parts to a complete ergonomic, connected controller. Full gaming experience, easy to take along. Play where you want with no compromises.

Industrial Design,Product Design,Interaction Design

WAXOFF – Ears cleaning product By Michał Szczególski

WAXOFF is a personal hygiene product designed for cleaning your ears. It uses disposable and oscillating spiral cleaning heads that spin at a constant speed. It also has a system that allows you to change the tip without touching it and it has comfortable, profiled handle with non-slip surface

Product Design

Air plane pet cage service design By Fountain Studio , SU YEON LEE

The solid shape of the air cage can perfectly protect the dog’s safety even in various flight environments.the back of the product is equipped a handle for moving the product in the airport.

Inside the product, there are a variety of devices installed to keep your dog in the best condition even during long flights.The user can check the status of the dog in real time while flying with the device built into the air cage.

Industrial Design

By David Hovhannisyan , Hrant Abazyan

brief We present to your attention a project created for the competition of the National Museum. As part of the competition, the task was to create a project that would popularize the Rijksmuseum collections and inspire viewers. We carefully looked at the museum’s collection, and we had an idea. idea The night Watch What unites the guards in the picture night watch paintings by Rembrandt? Of course, it’s all about the hat! What will help the captain and guardsman in the night scene? Of course the light! We added a little light to the night scene, in daylight it will be much easier for the guards to get into action! We got a daily watch.

Industrial Design,Product Design,Art Direction

Electric Toothbrush F By Second White

The toothbrush design with the value of nature Imagine that you are in a dense forest. Your eyes, mind and breath have the sense of stability in tall and upright trees. The electric toothbrush F Series put such a value the forest gives in it. Forty-eight elaborate stripped patterns represent each tree.
You can feel the sense of grip with the fine pattern of 0.25mm and it adds the refinement on the toothbrush. It has a convenient and intuitive usability through the extruded button, which is an analog way, and the indicate lighting on the bottom of the body part increases aesthetic, making the scene as if it is hovering in the air. The delicately considered design details of the electric toothbrush F Series will naturally permeate your daily life and make it healthier and more beautiful as if you are in a dense, green forest.

Industrial Design,Photography,Branding

FLOAT – Axolight By Mario Alessiani

Wireless multipurpose battery lamp for interior and exterior situations

Industrial Design,Product Design