Packaging Design Inspiration 19

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Packaging for coffee brand By Frank Oslo , Geir Solem Lysbakken

Kjeldsberg is a coffee roasting factory from Trondheim, Norway. The company has long traditions making quality coffee. Rasmus F. Kjeldsberg was the owner of a grocery store who predicted that coffee would become a very popular drink, and in 1856 he started making his own brand – Kjeldsberg.

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Proportsya chocolate By Ekaterina Chernyshova

Proportsya is a healthy food brand from the 4fresh team! The chocolate line includes 6 types of products: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate with caramel oranges, milk chocolate with granola, milk chocolate with crushed hazelnuts, white chocolate with strawberries.

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One Hand Cream packaging By Blürbstudio , Jakub Lehmann , Artek Mierzwa , Anna Nawara , Patrycja Makenzy

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KEPLE | Keto Diet Bread Packaging By AURG Studio

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The Whistling Thorn packaging By Karla Heredia Martínez

The Whistling Thorn’s mission is to simplify the skin care process and offer clean products that encourage mindfulness. Mindful skincare for the city with natural African ingredients.  The branding style is inspired by Maasai fabrics oF Kenya with strong colors  expressing vitality and energy just like Whistling Thorn is, a passionated brand for people.

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By Stranger & Stranger

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