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Notion is an all-in-one workspace where you can take notes, manage projects, add tasks, create databases, and more. You can use Notion for both personal and team use. This tool offers multiple features for writing, planning, collaborating and organizing all at once.

But one of the best features of the Notion app is its wealth of shortcuts. Now you won’t be able to use and memorize all the Notion hotkeys and Notion keyboard shortcuts, but the commands will feel more natural as you become more familiar with the app. And once you learn all the Notion hotkeys and how to use them properly, you’ll find Notion easier than ever.

To help you explore all the Notion hotkeys available, this article describes exactly what each shortcut does.

Most popular Notion keyboard shortcuts

Let’s start with some of the most common shortcuts.

Open a new Notion windowCtrl + Shift + NCmd + Shift + N
Go to the previous page that was opened.Ctrl + [Cmd + [
Go to the next Notion page.Ctrl + ]Cmd + ]
Open Search / Jump to a recently viewed pageCtrl + PCmd + P
Switch dark mode / light modeCtrl + Shift + LCmd + Shift + L
Create a new page (desktop only)Ctrl + NCmd + N
You can use this shortcut to jump to the previous
database page when in the database peek view mode.
Ctrl + Kcmd + Shift + K 

Notion commands for creating & styling content 

Notion Shortcuts

One of the biggest benefits of using Notion is that you can style and create your content. That way, it truly fits the team or organization’s needs and requirements. This includes the shortcut for Notion inline code, how to indent in Notion, and more.

Bold textCtrl + BCmd + B
Italicize textCtrl + ICmd + I
Underline textCtrl + UCmd + U
Strike-through textCtrl + Shift + SCmd + Shift + S
Un-indentShift + TabShift + Tab
Inline codeCtrl + ECmd + E
Add a link (with text selected)Ctrl + KCmd + K
Paste over a link (with text selected)Ctrl + VCmd + V
Use this at the beginning or end of a block
to highlight the block or change the highlight color.
Create a line break within one line of text.Shift + EnterShift + Enter

The most time-consuming action on Notion is adding new blocks to the workspace. You’d have to go through a number of clicks to add a single block. The content keyboard shortcuts will save you from a number of clicks.

Create textCtrl + Shift + 0Cmd + Option + 0
Create an H1 headingCtrl + Shift + 1Cmd + Option + 1
Create an H2 headingCtrl + Shift + 2Cmd + Option + 2
Create an H3 headingCtrl + Shift + 3Cmd + Option + 3
Create a to-do checkboxCtrl + Shift + 4Cmd + Option + 4
Create a bullet listCtrl + Shift + 5Cmd + Option + 5
Create a numbered listCtrl + Shift + 6Cmd + Option + 6
Create a toggle listCtrl + Shift + 7Cmd + Option + 7
Create a code blockCtrl + Shift + 8Cmd + Option + 8
Create a new pageCtrl + Shift + 9Cmd + Option + 9
Insert a line of textEnterEnter
Create a line break within a block of textShift + EnterShift + Enter
Add a comment to the content.Ctrl + Shift + MCmd + Shift + M
Zoom-in.Ctrl + “+”Cmd + “+”
Zoom-out.Ctrl + “-”Cmd + “-”

Slash commands

Notion Shortcuts

Another cool feature is that every time you press the “/” key, a drop-down menu with tons of features and options appears. If you want to streamline your use of the slash menu even more, here are some keyboard shortcuts you can use.

This is the shortcut to create a new text block./text or /plain
Use this shortcut to create a new page./page
This shortcut will automatically create a bulleted list on the page./bullet
If you want to create a numbered list, just type this shortcut./num
You can create a to-do list with checkboxes by using this shortcut./todo
This is the Notion toggle shortcut if you want to create a toggle list./toggle
This will create a light grey divider on the content./div
If you want to create a quote block quickly, this is the shortcut./quote
This will allow you to create an H1 heading./h1 or /*
This shortcut creates an H2 heading./h2 or /**
This will allow you to quickly create a link to your workspace./link
This shortcut instantly creates an H3 heading for you.h3 or /***
If you made a mistake while typing the shortcut, this button will erase
whatever you typed.

The above shortcuts are the simplest ones. This for the inline commands, and commands is the database commands.

This shortcut allows you to mention another person in the content./mention
This will set a reminder for a specific event that will send a
notification on the time and date you set the reminder.
/date or /reminder
This shortcut lets you add a TeX formula line to the content./equation
This shortcut brings up the emoji picker to add more
creativity to your content.
Create a database table on the current page./table-inline
Create a Kanban board on the current page./board-inline
Create a calendar on the current page./calendar-inline
Create a list-style database on the page./list-inline
Create a gallery on the page./gallery-inline
You can substitute the “inline” shortcut for “-full” if you want to
create something on a separate page instead of on the current page.
This shortcut allows you to create a linked database./linked

This next section is all the shortcuts you can use.

This lets you upload or embed an image from Unsplash
or upload one of your own.
Allows you to paste the URL for a pdf to display inline on the page./pdf
Paste in a URL to any website and create a bookmark./book
Use this to upload videos or embedded ones from websites like YouTube./video
You can use this to upload audio files or embed music from
Spotify or SoundCloud.
Create a code block where you can write simple code snippets./code
Upload any file from your computer and embed it./file
Add or embed any of the 500+ different embed types
compatible with Notion.
Create a comment on any specific block./command
Create a copy of the current block./duplicate
Move blocks to a different page./moveto
Delete the current block./delete
Create a table of contents block./toc
Create a button with definable actions. Another alternative
to this shortcut is /template.
Insert a breadcrumb menu./bread
Lets you write mathematical equations./math

Inline Notion shortcuts

Inline commands are used when you are working on a paragraph block and want to add something inline.

Mention a page or a person within workspace/mention or @
Add a timestamp or reminder/reminder or @
Add a TeX formula in line with your text/equation
Show emoji picker/emoji
Mention a pageType @ and the name of another page in your workspace
Add a reminderType @remind followed by a date in any format

Inline Database Notion shortcuts

Notion includes several databases to help organize your data. Inline databases allow you to organize your data anywhere on the page.

Creates a database table inside the current page/table-inline
Creates a list-style database inside the current page/list-inline
Creates a Kanban board inside the current page/board-inline
Creates a calendar inside the current page/calendar-inline
Creates a gallery inside the current page/gallery-inline
Creates a timeline inside the current page/timeline-inline
Creates a linked database/linked

Notion shortcuts to edit and move blocks

One of the unique ways Notion works is with blocks. Everything on your Notion content such as a paragraph, image, embed, and any line of type is in one block. You can move all of the blocks as your content demands. These are the shortcuts you can use for moving and editing blocks.

Press this once and you will select the block that the cursor is in.Ctrl + A
This allows you to place an image in fullscreen or exit the fullscreen viewing mode.Spacebar
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate and select different content blocks.Arrow keys
This is used to expand the number of blocks that you selected.Shift + Up or Down arrow keys
This shortcut is what to use if you want to select or deselect an entire block.Alt + Shift + click (Cmd + shift + Click) in the mac)
This is will select one block and all the other blocks in between the selected block.Shift + click
To use this shortcut, select the block you want to delete and press the shortcut.Backspace or delete
This shortcut allows you to change the block type, color, and other parameters.Ctrl + Slash
When in the database , edit all the rows and cards you selected in the database.Ctrl + \
When you have a block selected, this shortcut allows you to move the block around without the mouse.Ctrl + Shift + arrow keys
This shortcut expands or closes all the toggles within a toggle list.Ctrl + Alt + T
This applies the last text and highlight color you used.Ctrl + Shift + H

+ commands Notion shortcuts

These shortcuts are typically used to create new pages or link different pages. This is very useful when trying to assemble a diverse set of content.

The simple “+” button on the keyboard allows you to create a new page right away. This can save a lot of time and effort.+
Just like the [[ commands, you can choose the option to move the page to another place whenever you use the “+” shortcut.+ To move the page to another place
You can type the plus shortcut followed by the name of the page you want to link to. And just like the other shortcuts, the link name will automatically change if you change the page name.+ And the link to the page

[[ commands

This next set of shortcuts uses the “[[“ combination to allow you to access different Notion features.

Entering this combination along with the name of the workspace creates a
link to the workspace. Renaming the page automatically renames the link.
You can nest links within the current page you are working on using the
same combination. To do this, simply enter the combination and select
the “Create new sub-page” option.
[[ + the name of the subpage
After entering this shortcut, one of the options you see is the
” Add New Page… “option. This allows you to create a new page in another location.
[[ + “add new page in…” option

@ commands

Like the “@” commands on other platforms, you can use these shortcuts to mention pages, people, and dates, and even add reminders to specific pages.

This allows you to mention a specific team member in the content. This could be used to let them know of tasks they need to perform and more.@ + the person’s name
This is for mentioning a specific page. This is great for aligning different pages together. And when you change the name of the page, the name of the link automatically changes as well.@ + page name
This is to note a specific date. This is great for times when there are strict deadlines for tasks or specific dates for meetings and events.@ + date
This is to add a reminder to the page. When you do this, you can receive a notification at the exact time of the reminder.@remind

At The Beginning Of Line/Block

Bullet list– followed by space
Checkbox[ ] followed by space
Numbered list1., a., or i. followed by space
Quote block” followed by space
Toggle list> followed by space
Create an H3 heading### followed by space
Create an H2 heading## followed by space
Create an H1 heading# followed by space

Inline Markdown Shortcuts

BoldType ** on either side of the text
ItalicizeType * or _ on either side of the text
Inline codeType ` on either side of the text
Strike-throughType ~ on either side of the text

Summary: Best Notion Keyboard Shortcuts

Notion is a platform all about making your workspace easier. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to make it even easier, bookmark this page so you can refer to the list above whenever you need to use the shortcuts.

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