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In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, SEO holds an essential place. It’s a key player in enhancing your online presence and boosting your rankings. For those who are on the hunt for tools to streamline their SEO efforts, Notion provides a vast array of templates. This blog post will explore 15 of the best Notion SEO templates, including checklists, dashboards, and more.

Checklists – Notion SEO Templates

These templates are designed to make the complex process of SEO more manageable. They can help you stay organized, ensure that no critical task is overlooked, and keep track of your progress. Notion checklists can cover various SEO aspects such as keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and so on. They are a must-have tool for every digital marketer who aims to boost their rankings.

Dashboards – Notion SEO Templates

Dashboards in Notion provide a comprehensive view of your SEO efforts. They can be customized to display key performance indicators (KPIs), analytics data, task statuses, and more. Dashboards allow you to monitor your SEO progress at a glance, enabling you to make informed decisions and adjustments to your strategy. With Notion’s customizable dashboards, you can transform your SEO approach and maximize your online impact.

Business Hub for Notion

Tired of cobbling together multiple apps to form your Business? Me too. Business Hub lets you capture and organize everything inside of Notion – turning it into an all-in-one workspace.

Business Hub is the most advanced business & startup Notion template that helps you manage every aspect of your SaaS product, Digital product, Startup, and in general your online business.

Notion Marketing Template

What’s Inside:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Product management
  • User research
  • Marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Market research
  • Sales and CRM
  • Plans & Goals
  • Company objectives
  • Briefs management
  • KPI management
  • Sprints & Retrospective
  • Financial accounting
  • Tips, guides, and articles to help you get started.

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SEO Checklist Audit Template

Begin your SEO journey with our simple Google Sheets checklist! This 4-tab planner (SEO checklist, Backlinks Assessment, Calendar, and Goals tracker) is perfect for beginners aiming to improve their Google rankings. It can assist in planning both On and Off-site SEO.

Notion SEO Template Gillde 1

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Notion SEO Checklist Template

Improve your website’s search engine ranking and performance with our carefully designed SEO Checklist. As an experienced SEO professional with over a decade of experience, I’ve created this checklist to equip you with the necessary tools and strategies to excel in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Notion SEO Template Gillde 2

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Notion SEO Link Building Checklist Template

Notion SEO Template Gillde 3

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Notion Template SEO Manager Kit

Enhance SEO efficiency with a streamlined strategy, well-organized tasks, and effective scheduling, making it the ideal tool for optimizing your online presence.

Notion SEO Template Gillde 4

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SEO Keyword Research Notion Template

Use a Notion SEO research and content marketing template to compile and collaborate on your SEO keyword research in one location.

Notion SEO Template Gillde 5

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Ultimate SEO Keyword Planner Notion Template

Notion SEO Template Gillde 6

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SEO COMPASS – Premium SEO Template for Notion

With The SEO Compass template, you can easily search-engine-optimize your content inside of Notion. Get more readers, fans, and paying customers with optimized content.

Notion SEO Template Gillde 7

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SEO Strategy Roadmap – Build A Solid SEO Plan

Notion SEO Template Gillde 8

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Content Brief – Notion SEO Template

Notion SEO Template Gillde 9

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Free SEO Strategy Framework

This template guides you in creating your website strategy, using the same format I personally use for my websites. It recommends filling out particular information to build your SEO strategy. Areas to consider include Mission and Values, Goals, Target Audience, Keywords, Technical Elements, Competition, SWOT analysis, and your SEO Strategy, which further includes Diagnosis, Guiding Policy, and Actions. Lastly, it includes a Roadmap for execution.

Notion SEO Template Gillde 10

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SEO Toolkit for Non-profits

Notion SEO Template Gillde 11

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Free Notion SEO Template

Notion SEO Template Gillde 12

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In conclusion, Notion offers a wide range of SEO templates that can help you achieve SEO mastery. From checklists and dashboards to other versatile templates, these tools can significantly upgrade your SEO strategy and change your online game. As you delve into these 15 Notion templates, you’ll unlock your SEO success and enrich your digital marketing endeavors.

Want to Discover More Templates? We’ve got you covered! A Wealth of Notion Templates Awaits

For every conceivable template aspiration, Gillde stands ready. Dive into our trove for a spectrum of Notion templates that cater to your every whim. Embark on your quest for structured creativity with a mere click. Uncover even more enticing lists on our blog!

We’ve unleashed an array of 50+ Notion templates and guides within our archive on Gillde. While we’d love to list them all here, we’ve made it effortless for you. Simply head over to our dedicated Notion Category page, and explore this treasure trove at your leisure!